Wednesday Deals: Solid Sounds, an Awesome Tent, Plants, Ray-Bans, and More

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Today we're doling out deals on Bluetooth speakers and ear buds; a great tent for two from EMS; a 5-pack of succulents for $13; Ray-Bans up to 50% off; an air fryer; a $200 laptop; and more. Let's get right into it. 

Snag Klipsch's Heritage The One II for $200 and change how you experience music

This is one powerful and amazing Bluetooth speaker. And the mid-century modern look doesn't hurt either. The only caveat is that it has to be plugged in (no rechargeable battery). That said, this will look great on your shelf and definitely get loud enough to keep a party going.
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EMS's Big Easy 2 Tent is on sale for $139

There's no better time than now to get outdoors -- away from everyone -- and reconnect with nature. Camping is a great way to accomplish that. And a tent is a requisite part of camping. This tent is also a great deal. You'll be getting a quality shelter that sets up in minutes and breaks down into just five pounds (plus the rainfly creates a large vestibule to keep your gear safe and dry). 
Grab it while you can from EMS

Other notable deals of the day

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