Tuesday Deals: A Speaker for Your Bike, a Pellet Grill & Smoker, an iPad, and More

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This Tuesday we've got great deals on an excellent portable bike speaker, a top of the line pellet smoker from Traeger, a refurbished iPad for $200, high-end outdoor accessories up to 50% off, and much more. 

The Tribit StormBox is the Bluetooth speaker your bike's been waiting for

With bike sales soaring, bike safety has never been more important. And part of bike safety is maybe leaving the headphones in your bag for the ride -- especially if you live in a big city. You need to be alert to the sounds of other bikers, pedestrians, and cars. The solution? Keep your ears clear but still get the tunes with a portable bike speaker that easily latches on and off your handlebars. This top-rated Tribit is the move -- and only $45. 
Grab your new biking buddy here

Traegers Eastwood 22 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker is $100 off for a limited time

There's still plenty of time to grill. Grab one of the best smokers in the industry while you can for just $499. It's an investment, but it'll pay off in dividends when you start using it and realize it can cook literally anything to perfection. 
Get yours exclusively at Home Depot

Other notable deals of the day 

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