Wednesday Deals: A JBL Bundle, Two Google Home Minis, Cheap Air Conditioners, and More

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This Wednesday, we've got wild deals from all over the World Wide Web™. Grab a JBL Bluetooth/earbuds combo for only $109, score a window unit air conditioner for under $200, snag two Google Home Minis for $40, and cool down with a tower fan that's only $38. All that plus sales on Columbia, outdoor furniture, and an Alexa-enabled car charger mark the best deals of today.

Get a JBL Charge 4 & FreeX wireless earbuds for $109 while supplies last

You hop on your bike, throw in your FreeX earbuds with the Charge 4 in your backpack along with a towel, snacks, water, and perhaps a mango flavored spiked seltzer for good measure. You cruise along to the beach and/or pool party playing your favorite playlist of lofi beats and chillwave. This is a good day. This can be your day when you hit this deal right now.
Grab the bundle from Woot

Chill out when you get a brand new window unit air conditioner for less than $200

For two days, you can get a brand new window unit -- or portable -- air conditioner at a very low price point. The sale itself is billed as "under $350" but we've seen A/Cs as low as $188 (that's cheap for a window unit!). I went three years without A/C in Brooklyn and once I got one, I never went back.
Shop the super chill sale at Wayfair

Other notable deals of the day

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