Friday Deals: Indoor Gardening Systems, Le Creuset Skillets, and More

Why not binge watch with a better setup? | Aerogarden
Why not binge watch with a better setup? | Aerogarden
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It’s been quite the week, but we made it to Friday. Today, we’re bringing you solid discounts on nifty indoor gardening setups, top-notch Le Creuset cookware, huge Nike and Anthropologie sales, and more.

Get 33% off an Aerogarden Harvest 360 indoor garden system

Suddenly feeling more interested in starting to grow some herbs and veggies of your own indoors? Aerogarden makes a selection of exceptional all-in-one, easy-to-use countertop growing setups. and its popular hydroponic Harvest 360 system is currently $50 cheaper than usual at a very reasonabl $100. 
Use code FRESH20 to get the discount at Aerogrow

Get 70% off a new Le Creuset skillet

As most of us are getting very familiar with home cooking (or at least attempting to) right now, you may be ready to make some upgrades to some of your most essential tools. And, if you’re suddenly realizing you need a newer, better cast iron skillet, check out this wonderful enameled red option from Le Creuset, which is currently a steal at 70% off from Bed Bath & Beyond.
Get it at Bed Bath & Beyond

Other notable deals of the day

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