The Best Tuesday Deals: Canon Camera Kits, Pyrex Storage Sets, and More

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We’re not saying you should drop everything you’re doing and scope out these sales, but we’re not not saying that either.

In today’s Daily Deals, we’ve rounded up some can’t-miss bargains on everything from top-notch Canon camera kits and Pyrex storage sets, to J. Crew and Uniqlo apparel, noise-cancelling headphones, and more. You’d be wise to act fast, though, because these won’t be around forever.

Save $250 on Canon EOS mirrorless camera kits

Your smartphone camera is more than capable of shooting excellent photos, but nothing compares to capturing the world around you with a legit camera. And if you’re looking for one that’s a bit less bulky than a traditional DSLR (but still incredibly powerful, versatile, and capable of producing jaw-dropping picture quality and 4K video), you’ll want to scope out this deal on the Canon EOS M50 camera kit, which is currently going for just $649 (or 28% off its normal price).
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Get up to 70% off all types of Pyrex storage sets

If you’ve never owned a set of Pyrex glass storage containers, then you’ve never known the joy of ultimate fridge organization. The simple lidded glass containers are one of the secrets to maintaining an orderly kitchen, and right now you can grab entire sets of them for up to 70% off. Macy’s just dropped the prices on a ton of them, for whatever meal prep, baking, fridge organization, or snack storage needs you may have.
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Save over $200 on one of the best home espresso machines out there

The difference between an average at-home espresso machine and an exceptional one is obvious to anyone who’s passionate about coffee. The trouble is, the really, really good ones are priced accordingly. Today, though, you can snag one of the best on the market for over $200 cheaper than usual. The super-high-rated Breville Barista Express, which features a built-in bean grinder, milk frother, and commercial-grade espresso extraction tech is currently on sale for the relatively low price of $489. That may seem like a lot, but when you consider you’re probably spending $5 at the coffee shop on a latte or cappuccino every day, this thing will pay for itself pretty quickly.
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Other notable deals of the day

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