The Best Tuesday Deals: Cheaper-Than-Ever Juicers, Yamaha Sound Bars, and More

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Take a break from the never-ending battle with your email inbox and scope out the latest sales and discounts from some of our favorite sites and brands. 

In today’s Daily Deals we scoured the web and found the cheapest price ever on a top-notch juicer, bargains on Yamaha sound bars, Bang & Olufsen headphones, beer fridges, and more. Just don’t drag your feet, because unlike the deluge of emails, these won’t last forever. 

Get the lowest price ever on Omega’s juice extractor

As great as you may feel after hitting the juice bar every day, it’s a habit that can become shockingly expensive. Why pay out the nose for a bunch of masticated leaves, veggies, and fruit, when you could just do it yourself at home on a budget? Today, you can pick up this impressive juice extractor and “nutrition center” from Omega for its lowest price ever -- $259 -- or 31% off. That may still seem a bit pricey, but considering you probably pay around $10 a pop at the juice bar, this thing will pay for itself in a matter of weeks. 
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Get $130 off Yamaha’s sound bar and wireless subwoofer setup

If you’re ready to upgrade to a proper home theater audio situation to match your spectacular new big screen TV, now’s a good time to grab a great sound bar and wireless subwoofer setup for cheap. Yamaha’s YAS-207BL model -- which offers huge, balanced sound and is Alexa-enabled -- is on sale today for 43% off, meaning you can snag the well-reviewed two-piece system for a cool $170.
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Ge $90 off NewAir’s glass-doored beer/wine fridge

If you’re the type to buy every limited release beer and regularly pick up growler from your favorite brewery, odds are your kitchen fridge is frequently a bit cramped. If you wish you had a dedicated cold storage spot, this excellent glass-doored mini fridge is a solid option that’ll clear up space in your main fridge and allow you to showcase your full collection in all its glory. Even better, right now it’s down $90 to $200. 
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Get $150 off Bang & Olufsen wireless noise canceling headphones

If you’ve always fawned over the glitzy audio gear from Bang & Olufsen figuring you’d never be able to afford anything they make, think again. Today, the luxury brand’s exceptional noise-cancelling Beoplay H8i wireless headphones are down $150, meaning you can snag a pair for the relatively low price of $250. Besides their distinctly high-end style and excellent sound quality, they also offer up to 45 hours of use on a single charge.
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