The Best Wednesday Deals: 50% Off Filson Bags, Dyson Appliances, and More

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Still scrambling to figure out a Halloween costume? Sorry, we can’t help you there, but we can hook you up with some excellent sales and discounts up for grabs right now from some of our favorite brands and sites. 

In today’s Daily Deals, we’ve tracked down big bargains on Timbuk2 bags, Dyson vacuums & air purifiers, Filson gear, Levi's jeans, and more. You’ll need to move quickly to snag them, though, because much like Halloween, these will be over before you know it. 

Get 30% off a whole bunch of Timbuk2 bags

We’ve been fans of Timbuk2’s lineup of durable-yet-stylish backpacks, messengers, and travel bags for a long time, so we’re pretty pumped to see that they’ve slashed prices on a whole bunch of bestsellers. From now through the end of October 31, you can get 30% off select popular items including their signature messengers, duffels, briefcases, backpacks, rollers, and more. 
Use code TREAT30 at Timbuk2

Get up to 50% off Dyson vacuums and air purifiers

We’re not typically ones to get pumped over appliances designed for house chores, but we make an exception when those things are made by Dyson. The innovative brand has elevated the humble vacuum to a piece of art, and right now two of their best-selling models are available from Home Depot for hundreds of bucks off their normal price. And if you’ve been looking for an exceptional air purifier, the store also dropped the price on the Dyson Pure Cool Link by 45%.
Get them all at Home Depot

Get 50% off Filson garment bags and more

A good garment bag is absolutely critical if you regularly have to travel with formalwear, since stuffing a suit or dress in your regular carry-on makes for one hell of an ironing/steaming situation once you get where you’re going. Not all suit/dress bags are made the same, though, and many are a bit too flimsy to last longer than a couple trips. That’s definitely not the case with these excellent and super-durable cotton twill garment bags from Filson, which -- like all Filson bags -- are designed to stand up to serious abuse without wavering (and come with a lifetime guarantee). Even better, they’re half off right now at Nordstrom Rack. Plus, a handful of the heritage brand's other travel-friendly gear (backpacks, carry-on rollers), are also up for grabs at a steep discount.
Get it at Nordstrom Rack

Other notable deals of the day

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