Treat Your Taste Buds to These Gourmet Meal Kits From Chef Daniel Boulud

The renowned French chef is now shipping a selection of gourmet meal kits directly to your door via Goldbelly

Goldbelly/Daniel Boulud Kitchen
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If missing out on fine dining experiences has compelled you attempt your own gourmet forays in the kitchen, you're not alone. However, wouldn't it be a whole lot better if a world-class culinary icon was around to give you a leg up? Well, good news, there is, because renowned chef Daniel Boulud is now shipping premium meal kits that'll allow you to easily prepare some of his finest French recipes in the comfort of your own home. 

Boulud -- who is chef-owner of 12 different renowned restaurants around the world -- just teamed up with Goldbelly, which is shipping different seasonal meal kits all across the country. It's worth noting that much like Boulud's restaurants, they're each a bit pricey (but nonetheless well worth it if you're willing to treat yourself). Here's a taste of what's up for grabs. 

Goldbelly/Daniel Boulud Kitchen

Price: $260
Itching for some mouthwatering steak? This pack includes three cuts of beef plus three different compound butters to accompany them, in proper French fashion. Each kit includes one 18-ounce wagyu strip loin, two wagyu beef tenderloin tournedos (7 ounces each), one 16-ounce wagyu Denver cut, plus red wine shallot butter, smoked red pepper butter, persillade butter, and a five-pepper mix and course salt.

Goldbelly/Daniel Boulud Kitchen

Price: $349
Inspired by a classic dish served at Boulud's storied NYC Restaurant DANIEL since 1993, this Red Wine Braised Beef Short Ribs kit will treat you to a truly transcendent traiditional Provençal dinner. In it you'l get everything you need to serve four people, including 24 ounces of braised short ribs, 16 ounces of sauce, 8 braised carrots, 12 red wine braised pearl onions, 8 cooked button mushrooms, 8 pieces celery, a cooked mashed potato base, grated parmesan, and parsley. 

Goldbelly/Daniel Boulud Kitchen

Price: $115
This beautiful "gift" box (which is totally worth gifting yourself) is packed with a selection of premium French sweets hand picked by Chef Boulud himself. In it, you'll find a dozen assorted macarons, four madeleines, four cannelé (rich, custardy baked delicacies with a vanilla flavor and hint of rum), and 18 pâte de fruits. 

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