Everything at Everlane (Including Top-Notch Loungewear) Is 25% Off Right Now

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When it comes to wardrobe basics, Everlane is in a league of its own. The (mostly) direct-to-consumer brand has mastered the art of simple-yet-premium staples -- from tees, sweaters, and sweatshirts, to jackets, sneakers, denim, and top-notch loungewear -- in a way that's earned it legions of true fanatics (Thrillist staffers among them). And while its stuff is decidedly a bit pricier than, say, what you'll find at Uniqlo, this week you can save big on literally all things Everlane thanks to its first-ever 25% off site wide sale.

Whether you're looking to graduate to a slightly nicer set of sweats or leggings for at-home lounging, or want to re-up your Zoom hangout look, you can snag a cool 25% off everything on from now through Friday, April 3. We're partial to the French Terry crew sweatshirts, tees, and skinny performance jeans, but these are some of the brand's other best-sellers.



  • Authentic stretch high rise skinny jeans - [Get it]
  • Day Glove shoes - [Get it]
  • Perform leggings - [Get it]
  • Clean silk puff-sleeve shirts - [Get it]
  • Cashmere crews - [Get it]

Head over to Everlane to scope out the full bounty of bargains.

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