13 Thoughtfully Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas for Every Dad on Your List

Dads can be notoriously difficult to shop for, but we've got you covered with unique ideas that run the gamut.

Maitane Romagosa
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Father's Day is nearly here (psst: it's Sunday, June 21), and while this year's celebration of dads will certainly be a bit different than those before, that's all the more reason to make it count. Of course, dads can be notoriously difficult to shop for, and a "world's best dad" mug just doesn't cut it if after fifth grade. To help you find something he'll actually want, we've pulled some choice options for father's across the spectrum, from cookout gurus and caffeine fiends, to sports fanatics, audiophiles, and more that you can order right now to arrive in time. 

Holy Grail Steak Co./Maitane Romagosa

For the carnivorous griller

Meat subscriptions from Holy Grail Steak Co. and Porter Road
Porter Road -- $9 and up
Price: Holy Grail Steak Co. -- $18 and up

If you’re shopping for a dad who’s been using this extended staycation as an opportunity to ascend to the throne of grillmaster, a delivery of some choice cuts of meat would be a most welcome surprise. Porter Road offers an extensive selection of choice cuts of beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and more ethically sourced from farms in Kentucky & Tennessee, and even has a gift subscription program that allows you to send recurring boxes of different types. If you’d rather send something a bit more premium (and notably pricier), the team at Holy Grail Steak Co. is stocked with a supply of American and Japanese Wagyu beef (and is the only online American source for authentic Kobe). 

Blue Bottle Coffee/Maitane Romagosa

For the premium coffee obsessed

Blue Bottle Coffee
Price: $10.25 and up
Some coffee drinkers are fine drinking whatever’s poured in their cup as long as it’s caffeinated, but many more of us are a bit more discerning. If you’re shopping for someone in the latter camp, consider gifting them some beans (or even a bean subscription) from Blue Bottle, which sources its selection of premium and sustainably grown coffees directly from farmers around the world. If you’re not sure what coffee to get, they even sell a special gift box packed with three bags of its most popular blends (Bella Donovan, Three Africas, and Giant Steps) -- so he can try all three.

The Dad Hoodie/Maitane Romagosa

For the new dad in your life

The Dad Hoodie
Price: $85
Many people think all hoodies are created equal, but that is objectively untrue. Some are cozier than others, some are great for workouts, and others are built specifically for dads with young kids who need to carry a bunch of random stuff with them at all times. Enter: the Dad Hoodie, a comfy and stylish zip-up hooded sweatshirt fitted with a series of seven interior mesh pockets, specifically sized to fit all manner of “new dad” necessities that would otherwise need to be carried in a diaper bag.

Fanatics/Maitane Romagosa

For the diehard sports fiend with a favorite team

Fanatics Gear
Price: Varies
Even though few sports leagues have hatched a concrete plan to safely return, diehard fans are chomping at the bit for the moment things may return -- even without crowds. If you count the dad on your list among them, Fanatics has a huge selection of officially licensed merchandise (including face masks!) and games (corn hole!) repping hundreds of teams across major pro and college leagues -- and they’ve even got some novelty “Dad” jerseys and hats in the mix, too. 

Lululemon/Maitane Romagosa

For the athleisure enthusiast

Lululemon Apparel
Price: Varies
Lululemon’s earned high praise for its moisture-wicking (and wickedly comfortable) lineup of workout garb, and it is certainly among some of the best activewear out there. However, it’s also the sort of elevated loungewear worth wearing when you have absolutely zero intention of being active. To that end, Lululemon’s stock of men’s apparel is the perfect gift idea for both workout-obsessed and comfort-obsessed dads alike. 

Jack Black/Maitane Romagosa

For the grooming guru

Jack Black
Price: $19 and up
Whether the dad you’re shopping for has been letting things go in the beard department during quarantine, or could simply do with a generally stepped up grooming regimen, Jack Black offers  a solid lineup of quality shaving and skincare products that appeal to even the most stubborn guys. From body washes and beard oils to beard grooming kits, shaving essentials, scrubbing soaps, and skin serums, you should be able to track down at least a couple items (or an entire gift set) that he’ll actually want to use. 

Sonos/Maitane Romagosa

For the music-loving audiophile

Sonos Speakers
Price: $179 and up
If the dad you’re shopping for is the type who insists on listening to music everywhere and all the time? Does he love high fidelity and hate clunky speaker wires? If so, Sonos has all manner of super high quality easy-to-operate wireless speakers ranging from the One SL ($179), to sound bars, surround sound sets, indoor/outdoor sets, and more -- all of which can be operated from a single app and sectioned into distinct listening “zones.”

Leatherman/Maitane Romagosa

For the handy tinkerer

Leatherman Wave Multitool
Price: $89.95
Is your dad the type of guy who can fix your car, pitch a tent in a windstorm, rewire your entire kitchen, and build custom furniture? If so, he may already have one of these, but if not, it’s the absolute perfect gift. Leatherman makes a huge variety of durable and sought-after pocket-friendly multi-tools, but the Wave is by far its most popular. It’s packed with 18 different sturdy tools including screwdrivers, drill bits, wire cutters, scissors, a saw, and more.

Plants.com/Maitane Romagosa

For the green thumbed guy

Price: $29.99 and up
A plant makes a great gift, as long as you match the level of care required for it to thrive with the level of care the recipient is willing to put in. That’s where Plants.com comes in. The site has a huge selection of greenery that ranges from the very low maintenance (hi, succulents) to more advanced growing kits like a DIY bonsai set or orchids. Plus, each plant is listed with thorough care instructions to give you a sense of how difficult they may be, and you can easily jump to entire pages of plants for beginners.

Thermoworks/Maitane Romagosa

For the veteran pitmaster

Thermoworks BBQ Gear
Price: $4.79 and up
While some dads are casual cookout pros, others elevate outdoor cooking to an artform, and they deserve the tools and equipment that treats it as such. Thermoworks offers an extensive selection of basic BBQ tools like high-temp basting brushes and silicone spatulas, but really shines in the tech department with offerings like instant-read digital meat thermometers, and two-piece Wifi-enabled alarm thermometers that let you keep tabs on what’s cooking/smoking on the grill from afar. 

Reserve Bar/Maitane Romagosa

For the cocktail connoisseur

Custom Engraved Bottles from Reserve Bar
Price: Varies
Does your dad have a cherished brand of Scotch? Or a particular bottle he keeps at the ready for special occasions? If so, Reserve Bar makes it easy to gift a bottle of pretty much any premium label booze you can think of (in a special “luxury” drawstring holder), and some even come with the option of custom engraving.

Dylan's Candy Bar/Maitane Romagosa

For the dad with an insatiable sweet tooth

Dylan’s Candy Bar
Price: $3.25 and up
Never trust a man who doesn’t like candy. That may not be an ancient proverb, but it’s definitely something to consider. And if you’re shopping for someone with a fairly pronounced interest in sweets, Dylan’s Candy Bar has a plethora of treats that run the spectrum of sugar goodness, from chocolate covered cookies and cake pops, to “cakes” made out of various candy bars, meticulously organized tackle boxes filled with everything from chocolate to gummies, themed gift baskets, and lots, lots more. Plus, if you use code SWEET15 at checkout, you’ll get 15% off your purchase.

Theragun/Maitane Romagosa

For the incessantly achy and sore

Price: $199 and up
Is your dad constantly complaining about a sore back, or hips, or chest? Does he seriously enjoy deep tissue massages? Theragun makes a range of different handheld “percussive therapy devices,” which pulse as fast as 40 times per second deep into whatever muscles its pressed against, and helps to quickly ease discomfort and soothe tightness and tension. They’re admittedly a bit pricey, but they are seriously effective.

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