Filson Is Taking 50% off Everything You Need to Hit the Road & Trail This Summer

The renowned outdoor gear brand is slashing prices on hiking and road trip-worthy bags, backyard games, and more.

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We all know summer doesn’t officially start until that first sip of ice-cold beer near the ocean. Filson is here to support your warm-weather endeavors with a massive sale promising the summer essentials. Whether you’re bringing the party to the backyard with this Bocce Ball Set or taking the adventure to-go with your Trusty Flask, this sale’s got everything you need to forget winter ever happened. With more than 300 adventure-ready item -- including a glut of trail and road trip-ready bags -- Filson’s got your back this summer.

A few other favorites include…

  • This 36mm Field Watch for $99.50 (normally $350) [Get it here]
  • This Rugged Twill Ranger Backpack for $119.90 (normally $245) [Get it here]
  • This Waterfowl Bandana for $16.90 (normally $35) [Get it here]
  • An Antler Tip Bottle Opener for $49.90 (normally $100) [Get it here]
  • This Small Duffel Bag for $174.90 (normally $350) [Get it here]
  • A Howling Coyote Beeswax Candle for $9.90 (normally $22) [Get it here]

Head to Filson to scope out everything up for grabs, and gear up to get out.

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