Keep Your Food Fresh Longer With This (Freshly Discounted) Vacuum Sealer


With so many of us cooking at home a lot more than usual right now, the abundance of groceries and your subsequent (hopefully delicious) meals is posing a unique challenge: finding enough fridge and freezer space to store everything so that nothing goes to waste. And while Tupperware and Pyrex containers are a good start for leftovers, the best method for preserving leftovers, raw meat, and pretty much anything else for a long time is to vacuum seal it and toss it in the freezer, which prevents freezer burn and ensure it comes out tasting as fresh as possible after a thaw. Fortunately, you can pick up one of the best countertop vacuum sealers out there for 34% off right now.

Today (or while supplies last), the top-rated FoodSaver GameSaver Vacuum is 34% off at Woot, down to $90 from its original $137, which is a solid deal when you consider just how much money it could save you in the long run in potentially tossed-out leftovers and expired food. It's super-easy to use, and comes included with two different sizes of heat-seal rolls (to create custom-length bags) and 10 large pre-cut heat seal bags. In other words, you'll have all you need to vacuum seal pretty much anything in your fridge. 

Scoop up your new vacuum sealer at Woot before they sell out.

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