Mix Up Your Pizza Routine With This Deal on Delicious Pizza Bagels

Right now you can score packs of Frickaccio's beloved pizza bagels at a serious discount, and get them delivered fresh to your door anywhere in the country.

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We embrace pizza in all of its marvelous forms. Thin crust? Sicilian-style? In a cone? We love them all. That said, pizza bagels hold a special place in our hearts (and stomachs). It could be the Bagel Bites jingle that plays on a loop in our subconscious, or it could be the fact that they’re just, you know, delicious. That’s why we’re delighted to inform you that right now you can snag some of the best pizza bagels in the country, thanks to a hot new Goldbelly delivery deal.
Right now, Cleveland, Ohio’s famed Frickaccio’s is running a special deal on its legendary pizza bagels, which have been wooing locals and pizza tourists alike for over 30 years. And while they’re technically bagels, they’re made to be light and fluffy, and each is finished with a mild tomato sauce and a secret mozzarella/provolone blend of cheese that’ll have your mouth fooled. 

Here’s the deal: Frickaccio’s is offering up a dozen cheese or a dozen pepperoni bagels for just $39 (down from the regular $49), and discounting orders of two dozen (of either cheese, pepperoni, or both) to just $49. In other words, this is the perfect opportunity to satisfy both your pizza bagel cravings and budget-mindedness. Plus, if you opt for the latter deal, you’re paying around $2 per bagel, which is roughly what you’d pay for one at Frickaccio’s in-person (plus the deal comes with free shipping). 

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