Surrender to Your Fall Cravings With an Epic Apple Pie From Blue Own Bakery

These 10-pound, apple-packed pies are covered in caramel & pecans, guaranteed delicious, and can be delivered straight to your door.

Goldbelly/Blue Own Bakery
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As tirelessly as Starbucks has worked to ensure Pumpkin Spice Lattes are the ubiquitous treat of the fall season, there has never and will never be an autumnal treat that rivals the classic apple pie. Sorry, those are just the facts. And if the crisp fall air and a longing to hit the apple orchard this year has you especially jonesing for a slice of a perfectly baked apple pie (with maybe a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream), we hear you. That's why we're telling you about this excellent deal on some of the best apple pies in America, which are currently on sale and shipping nationwide.

Goldbelly/Blue Owl Bakery

Missouri's Blue Owl Bakery has been whipping up drool-worthy baked goods since the '80s, but it's its legendary (and shockingly tall) Levee-High Apple Pie that really put it on the map. In short, the massive 10-pound pie is famous (it's even been included among Oprah's Favorite Things). Each one is filled with a whopping 18 Golden Delicious apples inside a made-from-scratch flaky crust, and topped with a decadent coating of caramel and pecans. And right now, you can get one shipped fresh and ready-to-bake in your own kitchen for just $89 (down from the typical $109 sticker price). 

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