Live Your Best Dessert-First Life With This B.O.G.O. Home-Delivered Pie Sale

Goldbelly is running a special buy one, get one free deal on a huge selection of award-winning pies from Michigan's Grand Traverse Pie Company.

Goldbelly/Grand Traverse Pie Company
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Besides ice cream, freshly baked pie is hands-down the best summer dessert (come at me). But you know what's even better than pie? Free pie, and right now you can get an entire one for free via Goldbelly, which is running a big BOGO deal on goodies from Michigan's Grand Traverse Pie Company.

Grand Traverse Pie Company has been turning out wildly popular (and award-winning) pies since the '90s, including a number of decadent fruit pies like its Old Mission Cherry, Cherry Crumb, West Bay Blueberry Crumb, Front Street Apple, and more. And lucky for you, Goldbelly sells a whole bunch of them, so you can have them delivered directly to your door fresh and ready to eat (or freeze them upon receipt for up to two months and enjoy whenever you want). 

To get in on the deal, you just need to purchase a full Grand Traverse pie on Goldbelly (they're each 9 inches, serve 8-10 people, and cost $59), and then decide which of the seven fruit pies you'd like to receive free with your order. That's it. If you're curious about your options, here are all the Grand Traverse Pie Company pies you can pick from.

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