Escape to Nature Without Leaving Your House with 20% off at

If you can't go to the park, why not bring the park to you?

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Your home should be your sanctuary. A place of peace and relaxation, cut off from the stresses of the outside world. Your own Shangri La.

An incredibly easy way to make this happen is simply by adding plants. A couple of hanging plants here, a few hearty potted plants there. And now there's an ever easier way to make that happen. Go to right now and take up to 20% off a wide selection of low-maintenance indoor plants. If you can't go to the park, get creative and make your own.

Here are some of our favorites.

The ZZ Plant

Perks: Thrives on neglect
Price: $49.50 (down from $55)

Hanging Boston Fern

Perks: Can grow very large with very little maintenance
Price: $38.24 (down from $45)

The Snake Plant

Perks: Awesome at improving air quality. Hard to kill.
Price: $49.50 (down from $55)

Arrowhead Hanging Plant

Perks: Grows beautiful vines
Price: $38.24 (down from $45)

The Majesty Palm

Perks: Grows wide to create the illusion of more green space
Price: $96 (down from $120)

There are also a few orchids, succulents, and terrariums available. Hit to shop the full sale.

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