Here's How to Get a Free Year of Disney+ From Verizon

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Disney+, hasn't even been live for a week, but it's already generating the sort of buzz only a beloved mouse-eared brand of its caliber could. In just one day, it generated more than 10 million new subscribers, who now have access to a massive catalog of classic Disney films, series, and a growing slate of new programming to binge to their heart's content. But what if you don't want to pony up the $7 a month it costs to add yet another new streaming service to your lineup? Well, if you're a Verizon customer you don't necessarily have to because the company is offering its customers a full year of Disney+ for free.

In an effort to woo new customers and reward existing ones, Verizon is giving away 12 months of Disney+ for free. The offer isn't available to every Verizon customer, though. Specifically, the year of free access applies only to folks who have (or sign up for) one or more unlimited data plans or sign up for Fios or 5G home internet plan. Figuring out how to redeem the offer can be a bit confusing, so we'll walk you through it.


How to get free Disney+ from Verizon

If you have (or sign up for) a Verizon unlimited data plan

If you already have a Verizon unlimited data plan, all you need to do is launch the My Verizon app, tap the menu icon, hit Account, and sign in. From there, tap "Add-ons," hit the Entertainment tab, scroll to Disney+, and tap "Enroll." Once you accept the terms and conditions, you'll be shown a Disney+ enrollment screen and eventually be taken to the Disney+ login page to set up your account. From there, you just need to download the Disney+ on your phone, log in, and boom -- you're done. If you don't have the My Verizon app, you can also do all of this from your account page on a desktop.

To upgrade to an unlimited plan, launch the My Verizon app and you'll see a screen promoting the offer. Follow the prompts to sign into your account, select the unlimited data plan that best suits you, then follow the steps to enroll in Disney+ once your new plan is official.

If you sign up as a new Fios or 5G home internet customer
To get in on the deal for free Disney+ as a new Fios or 5G home internet customer, you'll need to sign up for a qualifying bundle (as long as it's available in your area): the 2-year term Triple Play, 2-year term data and TV Double Play, or standalone internet data. Once your installation is complete, you'll receive an email with an access link to sign up for Disney+ and redeem the offer via the My Verizon or My Fios app.

It's worth noting that this 12 months of free Disney+ does not include the Hulu/ESPN+ bundle (which runs $13 a month). Still, though, it's a pretty standout deal when you consider it'll save you the $7 per month (or $70 per year) you would be paying to watch The Mandalorian, and oh so much more.

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