How to Get Disney+ for Cheap (or Free) and Start Streaming

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As wonderful as it is to exist in an era with a seemingly endless supply of on-demand bingeable content, enjoying all of it gets expensive, and fast. Stack subscription fees for Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, and a grab bag of other services slated to join the already crowd space and it's not unheard of to be forking over upwards of $60 or more a month just to stream your favorite shows. In fact, that may be the reason you're holding off on hopping aboard the Disney+ train, despite desperately longing to watch the hell out of The Mandalorian and access the crazy-deep catalog of content that's been locked in the beloved brand's "vault" for decades.

Fortunately, you don't necessarily have to pay full price to enjoy the new service from the beloved brand, and we're here to show you how. So, without further ado, here are a few ways to enjoy Disney+ for cheap (or even free). 

How to get a year of Disney+ for free as a Verizon customer

No one enjoys paying their phone bill every month, but at least now doing it can score you a full year's worth of Disney+ for free. Verizon is rewarding existing customers (and attempting to woo new ones), by offering 12 months of the much-buzzed-about new streaming service to folks who have or sign up for an unlimited data plan. They're also giving the same perk to people who sign up for new Fios or 5G home internet. So, if you've been meaning to treat yourself to an upgrade, now's a good time to pull the trigger.

For specifics on how to snag the deal as an existing customer (or when you upgrade or sign up for an eligible plan), we've got you covered

How to get Disney+ for free as a US Mobile customer

If you're a customer on the prepaid carrier US Mobile, you're also eligible to get Disney+ for free. The company offers various perks to folks who sign up for multiple lines, and if you've signed up for at least three lines you can pick from a variety of free subscriptions, including Disney+. Unlike the Verizon deal, though, customers will be charged for the service, and be reimbursed via a discount for the amount of a subscription fee on their US Mobile monthly bill. If you're interested in signing up, just hit the Get Started page and it'll walk you through the whole process. 

How to get cheaper Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+

If you're not ready to ditch any of the services you're already paying for, the key to spending slightly less money on all of them is to bundle them together. But wait, wasn't the whole point of ditching cable to break free from the stupid-expensive bundles cable companies swindle you into signing up for? Yes, sort of, but here we are.

In any case, if you really want Disney+, and either already pay for (or want to sign up for) Hulu and ESPN+, you can sign up for a bundle of all three and save a little money. If you were to pay for Disney+, Hulu (with ads), and ESPN+ sepearately, you'd be paying $7.99, $5.99, and $4.99 per month, respectively, or $18.97 altogether. Subscripting to them together via this new Disney+ bundle, however, costs just $12.99, amounting to a 25% savings. 

Other perks that you get as a Disney+ subscriber

Besides granting you access to the sweet, sweet trove of content in the Disney arsenal, signing up for Disney+ also entitles you to some unexpected perks. For instance, it gives you the chance to enjoy a one-week free trial of Starz, and a subsequent three months of Starz for just $5 a month (it typically costs $9), 

Another notable perk is the fact that the base subscription comes with the ability to stream available titles in 4K and HDR (for comparison, opting for a 4K streaming subscription on Netflix costs quite a bit extra). Plus, it also gives you the opportunity for unlimited downloads of available content to 10 different devices, and up to four simultaneous streams. 

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