7 Simple Cocktails You Can Make Using CBD-Infused Mixers

With the help of a cocktail expert, we crafted some boozy beverages you can easily make using some of the tastiest CBD-infused drinks on the market right now.

Grace Han/Thrillist
Grace Han/Thrillist
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Don’t get me wrong. I am grateful for this whole “Cali sober” thing. I fully support the Dry January trend. This cultural phenomenon has helped establish a whole new kind of potable for the liquor cabinet/bar shelf: tasty, alcohol and THC-free, sparkling CBD beverages. These babies lie smack dab in the center of the Venn diagram of vice and wellness and cannabis culture, resulting in tasty flavors with low-to-zero sugar or other additives, plus the added perk of a mellowing effect. But you know what they’re really great for? Mixing with alcohol.

If we’re talking about a truly relaxing drink that will get the job done after a particularly rough day, you can’t beat a CBD-infused cocktail. Thanks to these trends in chill, carbonated waters and juices, we have a vast array of mixer options. Here are seven ideas to get you started, crafted with help from Liv Vasquez—a chef, recipe writer, and popup curator based in Portland, Oregon.

Grace Han

The Midweek Vacation

Recess Coconut Lime, Rum, and Pineapple
Longtime CBD beverage brand Recess did most of the work for us with their tasty Coconut Lime flavored sparkling water, and Vasquez recommends combining rum and real pineapple juice for a tropical, well-rounded cocktail. For bonus flavor (and bonus chill): add half a dropper of Verma Farms Pineapple Tincture. It’ll only add 8-10 more milligrams of CBD, but a lot more pineapple tang to the overall drink.

Grace Han

The Munchies, But Stronger

WYLD Lemon Sparkling Water and Vanilla Vodka
Of all the imaginative cocktails we struggle to replicate at home, an indulgent, dessert-inspired drink is among the most tricky. Vasquez is a fan of a quality infused vodka, but doesn’t recommend leaning on it for all of the drink’s flavor. “WYLD’s lemon would go well with a bit of blueberry jam and vanilla vodka—it would taste kind of like a blueberry lemon cobbler,” says Vasquez. 

Grace Han

That Kind of Sunday Morning

Soul Grind Cold Brew and Bailey’s Irish Cream
I think at this point in the pandemic, half of America is dropping a little CBD into their morning coffee. Maybe something a little stiffer on a slow, recuperative Sunday. Why not go for all of the above with a brunch-y CBD cocktail?  “For a nice coffee cocktail with an alcoholic creamer element, you can add rum horchata or Bailey’s to the infused coffee,” says Vasquez. Kahlua works, too.

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An Extra Special Spritzer 

Mount Joy Sparkling Water and White Wine or Rosé
Don’t be embarrassed about enjoying a wine spritzer—the beauty of drinking at home is making whatever kind of libation you want. Mount Joy CBD sparkling waters are a versatile tool to keep on hand for any palate, coming in flavors like peach, lemon-lime, or just plain sparkling water for some CBD-infused bubbles. A few glugs of the peach sparkling water into a dry rosé? Treat yourself.

Grace Han

More Than A Mule

Isca Drinks Ginger Ale + Vodka + Lime Juice
I don’t think Moscow Mules will ever go out of style, but they can get boring from time to time. Jazz up the beloved vodka concoction with the spicy 20mg CBD Ginger Ale from new brand Isca Drinks, launched by the Michelin-starred British chef Michael Caines. It's made with African ginger root, which has a little more heat than the average ginger ale, giving your smooth, lime-scented sip a little extra kick.

Grace Han

Date Night

Aurora ElixirsBourbon, and Honey Syrup
This one may be my favorite 25mg CBD soda out there. There is a unique warmth to it via cayenne and black peppercorn, and the lemon-mandarin citrus flavor has that fuller bodied homemade flavor you often lose with mass produced traditional soda. Combined with sweet honey and bourbon, and you’ve got yourself a kind of complex Cold-Hot Toddy that goes down easy all year long. (Vasquez suggests adding a lemon wedge for added flavor).

Grace Han


Fountain and Gin
This light-handed sparkling water is the perfect complement for a stiff gin drink. Fountain contains zero calories, zero sugar and just 20mg of CBD per can, so you won’t have to worry about feeling too chilled out if you pour heavy on the mixer side. The cucumber flavor is my favorite—refreshing and real—but pop an actual cucumber slice in for an extra botanical sip. If you prefer, this tastes great with vodka as well.

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