Ready to Embrace the 'Summer of the RV'? This Site Makes it Easy to Rent One.

With "normal" travel plans on hold, road trips are going to be all the rage this summer. And renting a camper has never been simpler (or more affordable).

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Under normal circumstances, heading out of town in an RV for a few nights isn't a "dream" vacation for many of us. Hitting the road in a camper is the sort of activity reserved for retirees and B-list touring bands, right? Of course, nothing is normal these days, and with a litany of travel restrictions at play and skittishness around social distancing, lots of people are considering renting an RV in an effort to pull off something even vaguely resembling a summer vacation. If you're one of them, we've got great news. There's a site out there that makes it incredibly easy to rent campers, trailers, and RVs directly from owners in your area. And the even better news? It's not that expensive.

The idea that this will be the summer of the RV isn't mere speculation. In fact, Bloomberg reports that motor home sales have skyrocketed in recent weeks, as people out of both fear and frustration are buying up "Covid Campers." That said, you definitely don't need to buy an RV to enjoy a nice getaway in a motorhome. That's where RVShare comes in.

Much like Airbnb, RVshare helps you easily search and book someone else's property. The only difference, of course, is these properties are portable: campers, trailers, and motorhomes. You simply plug in your location, when you'd like to book one, and the number of guests you'll be traveling with (1-6+), and it'll show you listings for any and all RVs available nearby. From there, you can further filter results based on any number of criteria, from price, to amenities, RV/trailer type, and whether the owner offers delivery (an especially helpful feature if you don't have a vehicle). Then, it's up to you to coordinate with the owner to confirm your reservation, and voila, you're in business. Some rentals are even available for "Instant Booking" (like Airbnb), so you don't even have to await owner approval.

Prices are generally very reasonable, and based on our findings, tend to hover in the $150-250 per night range (some newer and more luxurious options will run you upwards of $500). Most also come with a 100 mileage allotment per "night" booked (with mileage overages typically on par with a rental car).

The availability of RVs obviously depends heavily on the area you're searching in, but there are literally hundreds to choose from in and around almost every major U.S. city (including lots and lots of Airstreams).

Head to RVshare and book yours before the summer of the RV really takes off.

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