Prep for Summer Camping Trips with Big Discounts on High Quality Hammocks

Unlike lots of things this summer, camping isn't canceled. Now's your time to stock up on the essentials.

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While everyone's been forced to put a pin in regular summer travel plans, the fact that overseas trips, cruises, music festivals, and oh so many other things have been canceled or paused doesn't mean there aren't still safe (and fun) ways to celebrate the warm weather by skipping town for a few days. There are remote and tranquil Airbnbs to rent, National Parks to visit, road trips to plan, and there's reason to believe this will be a record-setting summer for camping. Of course, camping requires some very specific essentials, and right now's a good time to stock up on some of them -- namely hammocks -- during this big Kammok sale.

Kammok, a leading hammock manufacturer and camping gear retailer, is giving you good reason to stock up on outdoor lounging essentials thanks to its latest big sale stocked with deals on great roll-up and pack-friendly hammocks, sleeping setups, and more. That's not to say that you need to have camping plans to invest in a hammock right now -- they make for excellent napping/reading/relaxing pods for your backyard, patio, rooftop, or even fire escape. Here's what's on sale right now.

  • Get The Roo single camping hammock for $48.30 (regularly $69) -- [Get it here]
  • Get The Roo Double camping hammock for $63.20 (regularly $79) -- [Get it here]
  • Get the ultra plush Mountain Blanket for $108 (regularly $135) -- [Get it here]
  • Get the Mesa Mat camping mat for $23.20 (regularly $29) -- [Get it here]
  • Get the all-in-one Mantis Hammock Tent for $206.10 (regularly $229) -- [Get it here]
  • Get the Bobcat 55° Trail Quilt for $103.20 (regularly $129) -- [Get it here]
  • Get the Pongo Pad inflatable sleeping pad for $111.20 (regularly $139) -- [Get it here]
  • Get the Puffin Pillow inflatable pillow for $28 (regularly $35) -- [Get it here]
Head to Kammok to scope out the full lineup of discounted hammocks, tents, sleeping gear and more.

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