9 Great Last-Minute Father's Day Gifts That Will Arrive In Time

Fear not, procrastinators. Here are some solid gifts that will arrive in time, even if you order at 11:59pm on Saturday.

Thrillist/Emily Carpenter
Thrillist/Emily Carpenter
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Maybe you had a great Father's Day gift in mind a month ago and totally forgot to act on it. Maybe you spaced Father's Day altogether (though if you're reading this, you've probably already realized it's this Sunday, June 21). Whatever your excuse, there's no need to hound yourself for procrastinating. There are still plenty of great gifts you can buy that will arrive in time (even if that means digitally). 

To help you out, we've tracked down 9 solid gift options for dads of all stripes, whether they're big into coffee, cooking, lounging, drinking, or anything in between. So, wipe that panic sweat from your brow and let's get started.

Masterclass/Emily Carpenter

For the lifelong student

Masterclass all-access pass
Price: $180
For all the glitz and A-list talent associated with it, Masterclass may seem like an overpriced and self-indulgent way to "connect" with celebrities and industry leaders. However, its ever-expanding virtual course offerings across a huge variety of disciplines (which are taught by the likes of big name experts like Gordon Ramsay, David Sedaris, Jimmy Chin, Frank Gehry, Chris Hadfield, and many more) have earned rave reviews from people who've taken them. $180 is a bit steep for sure, but it grants them a yearlong all-access pass to the dozens and dozens of comprehensive courses on the platform. 

Great Jones Goods/Emily Carpenter

For the aspiring home cook

Great Jones Cookware e-gift cards
Price: $35 and up
Whether your dad's been brushing up on some culinary arts Masterclasses or just wants to step up his home cooking game, some excellent new top-quality cookware is a big step in the right direction. Great Jones makes a small yet robust and stylish collection of pots, pans, bakeware and more at an affordable price point (its enameled cast iron Dutch Oven is just $155), and they let you send e-gifts card in lots of different denominations. 

Chris Schoonover/Emily Carpenter

For the indie art supporter

Society6 e-gift cards
Price: $25 and up
Society6 has become a go-to e-commerce hub where indie artists from all over the world can sell their goods, whether it's wall art, pillows, furniture, cutting boards, clocks, stickers, phone cases, or whatever it is they design. The selection is vast (and generally affordable), and there's stuff to match just about any kind of visual taste, so an e-gift card is a great idea if you know your dad's been looking for something new and unique to hang on the wall. 

Winc/Emily Carpenter

For the wine drinker who likes to branch out

Winc wine subscription
Price: $60 and up
Whether your dad is an experienced wine drinker or just dipping his toe into the vino scene, Winc is a great subscription club that'll hook him up with a delivery of three or more bottles monthly -- from an extensive stock that Winc produces itself. You can gift a subscription of any length, and once your dad signs up, he'll let Winc know about his flavor preferences (via a handy questionnaire), which will help inform the curation of his subsequent deliveries.

Trade Coffee/Emily Carpenter

For the obsessive at-home coffee brewer

Trade Coffee subscription
Price: $40 and up
Trade Coffee offers a wonderful subscription program that sends out bags of beans from a huge catalog of indie roasters around the country on a customizable schedule (depending on how frequently you're brewing). It makes a wonderful gift for any discerning caffeine fiend, and you can choose to give anywhere from two bags to 24 (with the recipient choosing their individual delivery cadence).

Brooklinen/Emily Carpenter

For the guy who loves luxe loungewear and bath robes

Brooklinen e-gift card
Price: $50 and up
Brooklinen is best known for its premium bedding (and believe us, it's great), but the brand also makes some next-level loungewear and super-plush five star-hotel caliber robes made from Turkish cotton. You can snag an e-gift card in denominations of $50 and up (though, FYI, the plush robes cost a cool $98 each).

True Leaf Market/Emily Carpenter

For the enthusiastic gardener

True Leaf Market e-gift card
Price: $10 and up
If the dad on your list is always tending to his garden (or aspires to eventually grow one this year), True Leaf Market offers a huge selection of seeds and growing kits to get him started and keep him stocked. There are mushroom growing logs (shown above), microgreens kits, herb garden kits, fermentation products, and lots, lots more for him to pick from. Plus, e-gift cards are available in budget-friendly denominations (starting as low as $10).

Warby Parker/Emily Carpenter

For the dad who needs a new pair of shades

Warby Parker e-gift card
Price: $50 and up
Eyeglasses and sunglasses are the sort of thing you should definitely try on before you buy, and considering in-person shopping's a bit difficult these days, Warby Parker's signature at-home try-on service has never been more relevant. Most of its prescription eyewear starts at $95, but e-gift cards start at just $50, which is just enough to give him a nudge to treat himself to a new pair of stylish, "cool dad," spectacles. 

Flaviar/Emily Carpenter

For the booze aficionado

Flaviar Tasting Box
Price: $190 and up
If your dad is big into exploring new spirits, a gift subscription to Flaviar's popular Tasting Box program is a no-brainer. The club -- which is available in half or full year tiers -- secures him a themed "tasting" box of his choosing every quarter, packed with three 1.5-ounce premium spirits in a particular category (enough for a tasting session for two people). Each box also comes with a step by step guide to help him fully appreciate the flavors in each sample, plus backstories on the included spirits. And as a bonus, he'll also be sent a full bottle (of his choosing) every quarter.

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