Get 40% off Le Creuset's Bestselling Dutch Ovens on Amazon Right Now

Stop what you're doing and scoop up this amazing deal before it's gone!

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It's easy to let the sticker shock of Le Creuset's Dutch ovens stop you in your tracks. $300 or more for a single piece of cookware? The audacity!

Of course, if you know much about Le Creuset and its iconic line of enameled cast iron Dutch ovens (not to mention nearly everything else the renowned French cookware brand makes), you know that it's absolutely worth the investment. It is a workhorse in the kitchen, masterfully dispersing even heat and allowing you to bake, roast, brown, broil, or even deep fry whatever you're making to perfection. And if you treat it right, it will last you a lifetime.

However, right now you can save some serious money on a signature Le Creuset Dutch oven, because Amazon is running a special 40% off deal on the 3.5-quart model, meaning you'll pay just $180 for what would otherwise set you back $300.

At the moment, you can scoop one up in a handful of different colors (including Red and Licorice), but there's no telling when this deal will expire so you'd be wise to move fast before it's gone.

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