These Amazing 'Big Green Egg'-Like Ceramic Grills Are Nearly 70% Off Right Now

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Any grill-master or smoked meat enthusiast worth their salt rub knows that the Big Green Egg is an indispensable piece of cookware when you need ultimate temperature control and a sure-fire smoking setup. Those folks also know quite well that they're wildly expensive. That's where we come in with the good news: right now you can get a seriously great deal on a comparable rig from Lifesmart, whose kamado ceramic grill is up for grabs today for nearly 70% off.

This modestly sized portable BBQ powerhouse provides 117 square inches of cooking surface, and much like the Big Green Egg version, is designed to let you cook things for hours on end without any hassle. It's equipped to smoke, sear, roast, and bake (yes, even pizza or bread), prevents any flare-ups that you'd encounter with a typical grill, and comes equipped with a top-mounted thermometer. Plus, this particular sale bundle -- down $from $636 to just $200 -- includes a cooking stone for baking and an electric starter, which allows you to get cooking quick and easy. 

Head over to Walmart to get it now for $200.