Stock Up On Affordable Self Care Staples During This Giant LookFantastic Sale

Who says you can't have a spa day from the comfort of your couch?

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Though it's tempting to go days without showering or putting on "real" pants at the moment (and no judgment -- you do you), there's something to be said for pampering yourself a bit right now. Whether that means elevating your self care routine, doing more face masks, or fine-tuning your skincare and beauty regimen so that you're looking and feeling fresher than ever. Good news: right now you can stock up on a whole slew of essentials courtesy of a huge site wide sale at LookFantastic, where everything is currently at least 20% off when you use code FAMILY.

As part of its Friends & Family sale event this year, LookFantastic is taking 20% off everything, from skincare, makeup, and haircare products, to wellness supplements and bath essentials. Beyond that, the e-commerce site is also offering even deeper discounts on select product lines and brands like Demologica, Elemis, and Eve Lom. It's worth poking around to check out the full selection (which includes lots of items targeted for men, too), but we've pulled out a few highlights in the mix.

  • Get 25% off all Eve Lom skincare products, including moisture masks, cleansers, and brightening creams - [Get it]
  • Get 20% off all Dermologica products, including smoothing creams, eye repair creams, and toners - [Get it]
  • Get 25% off all Elemis products (including full sets), and get a free bonus products - [Get it]
  • Get 25% off all Caudalie skincare products - [Get it]

Head to LookFantastic and use code FAMILY at checkout to get 20% off.

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