The 12 Best Daily Harvest Meals and Recipes to Try Right Now

Load up on healthy goodness with impressive flavors that stir up memories of go-to childhood treats.

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As life gets busy, healthy eating tends to take a backseat. Of course, we're not blaming you, especially as many of us head back into the office. There is, however, a solution that will keep you from reaching for those salty chips during the afternoon slump—let us introduce the plant-based and ready-to-eat meal delivery service, Daily Harvest.

While Daily Harvest started as a smoothie service, its repertoire now includes harvest bowls, soups, flatbreads, chia bowls, and other nourishing bites. The “catch”, if you can call it that, is that each recipe consists of only organic fruits and vegetables. An added bonus: All the Daily Harvest menu options are gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan, without skimping on flavor. It’s important to note, however, that Daily Harvest won’t work for those on the keto diet because it includes healthy carbs in its recipes.

Even though the calorie and protein counts are relatively low, Daily Harvest meals aren't necessarily for weight loss or dieting purposes. Instead, these recipes help you effortlessly get all the daily fruits and vegetables you need. (Over-schedulers, we're looking at you.)

How much does Daily Harvest cost per meal?

Daily Harvest plans depend on the number of items you want and whether or not you want them weekly or monthly. Prices also depend on the menu items you select. The cheapest option on the Daily Harvest menu is the oat and chia bowls at $5.99. Smoothies—the service's claim to fame—are $7.99 while harvest bowls—the most expensive menu option—are $8.99. If you want to bulk order some of Daily Harvest's recipes in advance, you can do so by box:

  • 9 cups for $69.75 per week
  • 12 cups for $89.88 per week
  • 24 cups for $167.76 per week

First-time customers can get significant deals, like $35 off their first box. Shipping and taxes are all included, which means no big surprises at checkout. If you change your mind about your week's order, you can easily switch up any Daily Harvest menu selection on the Sunday before your scheduled delivery using the Daily Harvest app.

If you're ordering weekly or monthly, we know it's not necessarily cheap. Daily Harvest doesn't hold back when it comes to the quality, and they pretty much have all the superfoods covered. Without further ado, here are 12 of our favorite Daily Harvest recipes that will keep you eating healthy, seriously appetizing snacks, while saving precious time and effort.

cookie bites
Daily Harvest

This Daily Harvest menu option deserves a serious round of applause for its deliciousness. Who doesn't love the taste of chocolate chip cookie dough? Another reason we love the cacao nib and vanilla bites is that they're packed with a load of nutrients but require zero effort, unlike some of the other menu options. Pop these bites out of the freezer and you have yourself a midday or post-meal treat. It's just like taking a spoonful of cookie dough before your batch goes in the oven.

Daily Harvest

The smoothie was Daily Harvest's original offering, so it's only natural for one of the frozen drinks to appear near the top of the list. This cherry and almond smoothie is a true winner because it triggers some serious peanut butter and jelly nostalgia. Not to mention the fact that it contains 11 grams of healthy plant protein. To prepare a Daily Harvest smoothie, all you have to do is toss it in the blender with a liquid base of your choice. (Refer to Daily Harvest's almond mylk further down the list if you need a base to blend.)

chipotle bowl
Daily Harvest

If you're craving a burrito, this is the healthiest next best thing. Quinoa swaps in for rice, and all the typical Mexican spices combine to make a fiber-filled standalone meal. One of our `favorite things about Daily Harvest bowls is that you can use them as a base, tossing on a bit of grilled chicken or a fried egg for a little extra non-vegan something.

bowl of soup
Daily Harvest

A soup lover's dream on a cold winter day, this one's packed with delicious Asian-inspired flavors. Immunity-boosting crimini and shiitake mushrooms are just the ingredients the doctor ordered, especially throughout cold and flu season. This soup is truly a testament to the fact that soups don't have to be boring. The soups on the Daily Harvest menu require mixing with a cup of water or broth before heating, which can be easily done in the microwave or on the stove.

flatbread pizza
Daily Harvest

Pizza night, but make it healthy. The best thing about Daily Harvest's flatbreads is that they're always gluten- and dairy-free, like all the other recipes on the menu. That's right, even the base is gluten-free (hello, sweet potato). The tomatillo and pepper flatbread is especially tasty and pizza-esque due to its tomato, pepper, and oregano combination. It might not be as filling as a standard slice of pizza, but it's a welcome accompaniment to a soup.

smoothie with coffee
Daily Harvest

Caffeine lovers, put your hands up. This Daily Harvest smoothie combines cold brew coffee with raw cacao and results in Frappuccino-esque goodness. Daily Harvest partners with Vega coffee to give customers some of the world’s highest quality coffee and coffee-infused recipes, like this one. This specific smoothie also adds another star ingredient: ashwagandha, which is known for its stress-reducing properties.

bowl of fruit
Daily Harvest

Breakfast just got a whole lot easier and tastier. Wake up and load up on antioxidants with this blueberry-packed chia bowl. Pair those blueberries with chia seeds—known for their impressive nutritional content in a tiny, calorie-light package—and you’re in business. It's worth noting that for the best possible taste, you should soak ingredients overnight in a milk of your choice.

coffee latte
Daily Harvest

Be your own barista with a coconut-infused matcha latte. This product is especially inventive and saves you one too many trips to your local coffee shop. It's all in the preparation. All you have to do is run hot water over the latte pod, add milk, and heat.

bowl of food
Daily Harvest

We chose this bowl because it's one of the funkier Daily Harvest menu options. They're not lying when they say it tastes like grits and greens. Go southern-style from your kitchen and pack in all the good stuff, including fonio—an ancient grain known to improve digestion. Like the other bowls from Daily Harvest, the grits forager bowl serves as a base for added protein for a filling and easy weeknight meal.

smoothie drink
Daily Harvest

One more smoothie, because why not? The mint chocolate chip enthusiasts will be especially blown away by how much this smoothie's healthy ingredients deceive. It's filled with items known to fight free radicals—like mint and chlorella—yet it tastes like a milkshake.

apple bowl
Daily Harvest

When it comes to breakfast options, we'd be remiss not to mention Daily Harvest's take on a classic oatmeal recipe. Something about a chilly autumn day beckons a blend of nuts, cinnamon, and gluten-free organic oats. This oat bowl is the healthy alternative to all the sugar-packed instant oatmeals out there.

almond milk
Daily Harvest

Of all the almond milks on the market today, Daily Harvest's recipe is definitely a step above. The only ingredients it contains are almonds and a dash of Himalayan sea salt. While you can use any milk you have at home to mix up some of Daily Harvest's recipes, their milk adds an extra creamy effect to their smoothie recipes, bowls, and soups.

How long will Daily Harvest meals last?

Daily Harvest meals last for up to three months in the freezer, so no worries if you don't get around to eating your snacks right away. It's important to mention that you shouldn't re-freeze meals once removed from the freezer. Daily Harvest plans allow for lots of flexibility, unlike other services out there. Via their iOS app, you can amend, pause, or cancel your orders if you change your mind.

Not all of us can channel our inner Top Chef daily, but there's no need to stress about meal prep or the grocery store. With a bit of help from an entirely healthy meal-delivery solution, snacks and meals come together effortlessly and in a matter of moments.

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