The Best Keto Meal Delivery Services to Help Stick to Your Eating Plan

It's easy to commit to a meal plan when the meals show up on your doorstep every week.

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If you’re just joining the keto lifestyle or in search of some meal inspiration, a keto meal delivery service is a great place to start. There are a variety of companies that offer plans that cater to keto diets, so let’s jump right in.

What is a keto diet?

A keto diet is the high-protein, low-carb eating plan that’s been one of the hottest trends of this decade. Chances are there’s at least one person in your friend group who’s either following a keto diet and won’t stop raving about it, or they keep “falling off the keto wagon” but swear they’ll get back on it tomorrow. Lucky for your friend, changing your lifestyle in the 21st Century (where food can magically appear on your doorstep) means it’s easier than ever to not only upgrade your eating habits, but to actually stick with them.

The keto lifestyle—or any new eating habit, for that matter—can be overwhelming at first, but when all the questions of “What am I going to make for dinner?” or “Where do I find the right ingredients to make it?” are off your plate, you’ll be reaping the benefits of ketosis in no time. When following a keto diet, when your body is taking in more protein (to make you feel full faster) and fewer carbs (so you’re burning your body’s stored fat instead of the carbs you eat), you may witness variety of benefits, including:

  • Weight loss
  • Higher levels of energy
  • Protective and preventive benefits against diabetes, cancer, and even Alzheimer’s disease

Following a keto eating plan is an easy way to accommodate other dietary needs or restrictions, too. Be sure to let your vegan friends know they too can hop on the ketosis train with you.

Getting into the keto lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult, and thanks to these keto-friendly meal kits, it’s becoming easier than ever. So if you’re interested in giving keto a try, read on for our top choices in meal kits with keto options.

What are the best keto meal delivery services?

bowl of food
Fresh n Lean

Fresh n Lean’s meal delivery plan is a fantastic choice for getting fully organic, chef-prepared keto meals delivered to your door. All of the meal plans start with a guaranteed $20 off your first order so you can try it on for size before committing. With each meal costing just $10.63 and having a three-minute warm-up time, they truly put a new spin on fast food.

Fresh n Lean is excellent for the keto-conscious eater who’s ready to go from a diet to a healthy eating lifestyle. With the option to select breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks for up to seven days a week, this keto-friendly meal plan is for sure the most versatile and supportive keto-friendly meal plan on the market. It also accommodates allergies like sesame, shellfish, and soy. Don’t like peppers? Going dairy-free on Tuesdays? Fresh n Lean’s preferences and allergies tab lets you make up to three food changes to your meal plan. The subsequent tab shows you dozens of keto-friendly snack options for you to add to your meal plan, too—great for your next road trip or a quick work-day break.

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Freshly offers an incredibly delicious variety of meals for you to choose from. The Freshly Fit and Protein + Sides plans are full of keto meals, and if you aren’t sure about the choices you made, feel free to send their team of experts an email to make sure they’re right for you. In all honesty, we strongly caution against perusing their website on an empty stomach; you might buy the 12-meal plan and grab one of everything (would that really be so bad, though?).

What makes Freshly unique is the company’s desire to accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions or meal plans. With plans ranging from 4 meals at $11.79 per plate to 12 meals at $8.99, Freshly wants your meal prep to be as easy as keto pie (yup, it’s a thing). Freshly adds a small delivery fee to make sure your food gets delivered as fresh as possible, but to take it one step further, they let you pick the day it’s delivered. No more worrying about your food spoiling while sitting out on the porch if you aren’t around. Meals are single served, heat in only three minutes or less, and are designed to save you a lot of headaches and loads of dishes.

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SunBasket meal delivery offers both a hands-on cooking experience for when you’re looking to improve your kitchen skills and a ready-to-eat meal option for those days when you have ten minutes to eat and get out the door. If you’ve got a week of meetings or after-school activities, but you’re also looking to schedule a much-needed date night in, SunBasket’s mix and match options are here to fit whatever the day brings you.

SunBasket’s meal plans are great for anyone just starting or looking to ease their way into healthier eating. Keep things simple with just dinner, then add breakfast and lunch later on as you become more comfortable with the lifestyle. The carb-conscious meal plan does almost everything you need to maintain that keto diet. Meal kits start at $11.49 per serving, and Fresh & Ready keto meals start as low as $9.99 per serving.

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Home Chef

Rated #1 in customer satisfaction, we have a feeling that Home Chef’s keto meal plans will satisfy almost anyone. Everyone is free to sign up with zero commitment, and with 30 meal varieties, you'll never get bored of the unique, rotating menu. No more meal-prepping with the same foods for a week straight.

Like its namesake, Home Chef allows you to order prepped and pre-portioned ingredients to create delicious keto meals at home. But it also has pre-made meals for those guaranteed lazy days (no judgment here). The Taste Profile quiz takes it to the next level—your meals are completely hand-selected so you’re guaranteed a box of foods you’ll actually eat. Start by selecting the carb-conscious option for keto-friendly meals, cruise through check-out, and see the meals on your doorstep within days. Start cooking like the pros (or at least attempting to) and enjoy some delicious keto-friendly food while you do it. Meals start as low as $8.99 per serving.

Use our link to get $90 off your first three orders!

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Green Chef

With a clearly labeled keto/paleo meal plan, Green Chef’s keto meal delivery service is ideal for new and old keto dieters alike. These meals will be cooked to perfection, even if you’re green in the kitchen. Green Chef provides step-by-step instructions to follow that make messing up (nearly) impossible. Enjoy a weekly rotating menu that you can view on their website, but watch out—seeing the beautifully made finished products had us on the checkout page in minutes.

Green Chef meals are great for anyone looking to increase their time in the kitchen without the stress or indecisiveness that all too often comes with cooking. It’s also an excellent option for feeding families or large parties with serving sizes available for up to six people. Start by choosing three or four meals per week and pick from their fully certified organic menu. You by no means need to be a seasoned chef to make these meals, but some prep work is needed (e.g., peeling, dicing, and grating). Servings start at $12.49 with a $9.99 shipping included in the total.

Which keto meal delivery service is right for me?

We know that trying any new diet, such as a keto one, can be a challenge. And when it comes to meal planning of any sort, two important considerations are: how much time you’ll save and how much money you’ll have to hand over to get it. We’ve found the best keto-friendly meal delivery services that will make following and keeping to your keto habits the most convenient thing since high-protein low-carb sliced bread. These services offer a wide variety of keto meal plans that will satisfy your needs (and cravings), including additional meal options to feed the whole family, and even free trial options or discounts off your first order.

Some of these services will have you whipping up delicious dinners in your kitchen, or boast meals that come ready to eat in less than three minutes. But we know that when it comes to turning a keto diet into a lifestyle, three keto meals a day is only the start. What about snacks? What if you’re on the road or out of town? One of the meal services above should accommodate almost any schedule, no matter how hectic or unpredictable.

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