EveryPlate Review 2022: Are These $5 Meals Worth It?

Say goodbye to overpriced meal delivery services and say hello to delicious food with EveryPlate's impressively affordable meals.

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Meal deliveries are more popular than ever before, and it's no wonder as return-to-office plans expand. They save you time and effort—the price, on the other hand, tends to be the biggest hesitation people have when deciding to sign up. Truthfully, the cost of meal delivery can be a bit steeper than your typical weekly grocery run. Except with EveryPlate—it's cheap. In fact, it's the most affordable meal delivery service on the market, at just $4.99 a serving.

EveryPlate falls under the HelloFresh brand, and while it may be slightly less gourmet than some of its cousins, it aims to be readily accessible. The beauty in EveryPlate is that the service doesn't compromise on taste—and we can attest because we’ve actually tried it. Every meal harkens back to those childhood comfort food favorites you’d wait around all week for. If you're going to take one thing away from our EveryPlate review, it's this: EveryPlate wants to be the meal delivery service for everyone.

How we tested EveryPlate’s meal delivery service

Before signing up for EveryPlate, we had already heard the hype around the price. We’ll admit: this made us want to take an even closer look at things like taste and overall nutrition of the meals offered. (The comfort food style of meals looks delicious, but are they healthy?)

The next main point we tested was the ease of the recipes. We don’t mind putting in a little bit of elbow grease, but then again, don’t have time to belabor over-complicated meals after a day’s work. Lastly, no one wants a ton of clean-up in the kitchen, and we’ve got to say EveryPlate cleaned up pretty well.

How does EveryPlate work?

If you're intrigued so far, let’s talk more about how it works. It's simple: Each week you make your selections on the meals you want. The menu selection process is easy. (As in, the menu is straightforward enough that you won't spend more than five minutes on your weekly order.) What you order is entirely customizable, depending on how many meals you'd like. EveryPlate also understands plans can change, so you can alter or even cancel your next order up to five days before your food delivery date.

EveryPlate has a rotating menu of quality ingredients. The company works with certified food suppliers to bring you the best meals. There are 17 menu options at all times, which means you're pretty much spoiled when it comes to choices. (If you can’t find your top-rated recipes, don’t worry—these fan-faves usually reappear more than once.) When you receive your food box, you'll find your ingredients and a recipe card inside to take you step-by-step through your meal prep. Meal preppers should note that condiments (like salt and pepper), eggs, and cooking utensils aren't included in the box. All you'll need are these basic cooking tools and you're ready to prepare your meal. Meals take about 30 minutes or less to prep and never include more than six steps.

How much does an EveryPlate subscription box cost?

everyplate meal

It's worth reiterating that EveryPlate delivery is by far one of the most inexpensive meal delivery services on the market; the price depends on how many people you're feeding and how many meals you're ordering per week. Each meal costs just $4.99, no matter the ingredients (though there is an $9.99 weekly shipping fee). Weekly costs usually look something like this:

  • Two dinners, 3 times a week: $39.93
  • Two dinners, 4 times a week: $49.91
  • Two dinners, 5 times a week: $59.89
  • Four dinners, 3 times a week: $69.87
  • Four dinners, 4 times a week: $89.83
  • Four dinners, 5 times a week: $109.79

Cooking for just yourself? EveryPlate doesn't offer plans with single portions, but the dinner-for-two box is a great way to get two meals in one go. That's dinner one night and lunch the next day, easy peasy. The only possible “catch” to note when it comes to price is that more premium proteins like salmon or steak may incur an additional $3.99 charge on your meal. We chose two of our meals with premium proteins and it was well worth it given the weekly price of meals was already so accessible.

Is EveryPlate worth the price?

If you're looking for uncomplicated and tasty meals, EveryPlate is worth a go. Coming in at just $5 a meal, it’s hard to find other meal delivery services that can beat the quality for a price this low. Meal delivery services also save you time at the grocery store and help you avoid food waste, both of which we want very little of.

With the first-time savings promotion on your first three boxes, you can save a grand total of $80 on your meals. That means your first few deliveries cost a whopping $2.99 per serving. If you're a student, the savings are even better—meals can go for as little as $1.99 per portion with the student discount.

Does EveryPlate offer healthy meals?

EveryPlate isn't necessarily the most nutritious food delivery service out there, but it's dishes are hearty and whole. Basically, you won't find laundry lists of superfoods in your boxes, but you will find protein, greens, and plenty of healthy carbohydrates. For example, one night we had Creamy Peppercorn Salmon with Broccoli, and another night we had a Greek Chickpea and Feta bowl packed with all the vegetables, rice, and chickpea goodness.

Other EveryPlate meals are what one might consider “comfort meals.” Did someone say sloppy joes, tacos, or mac & cheese? Every menu option takes a playful approach. (Even the Herb Butter Steak and Potatoes we ordered came with a delicious buttery sauce.) The EveryPlate online menu features photos of the dishes that will make you hungry—they certainly don't look or taste like you're eating at a bargain. We have to admit, the photos we took after whipping things up ourselves look pretty appetizing, too. The company also offers one Premium meal option per week. These special dishes tend to be a bit more upscale and are better suited for those who have an extra 15 minutes on hand for meal prep.

You can also order separate protein boxes. These boxes include either six chicken breasts or four chicken breasts and two steaks. These come in handy for those who want their meals to pack a bigger protein punch.

Dietary preference options

everyplate tacos

EveryPlate isn't the most conducive to all the dietary preferences and trends out there. That's one of the reasons meal prices are such a bargain. While EveryPlate isn't necessarily for health nuts, it's still flexible. When you choose your menu items, you can swap out proteins and side dishes for options more attuned to your liking.

Paleo and keto meals

If you're paleo or keto, EveryPlate probably isn't the best meal delivery service for you. You can, of course, make your own amendments to your meals when it comes to whipping up what's inside your box. Or, you don't have to cook everything that comes in the box. For example, if someone in the family is on a keto diet, they can ditch the mashed potatoes and stick to steak. One of our meals, the Creamy Peppercorn Salmon with Broccoli, was completely keto!

Vegan and vegetarian options

EveryPlate does have two or three vegetarian options on most menus—these are called the VeggiePlates. We tried one of them (the Greek Chickpea and Feta bowl) and this box contained predominantly vegetable ingredients. Typical VeggiePlates include ingredients like couscous and other healthy grains alongside vegetables and dips. One of the fan-favorite vegetarian dishes is the quesadillas (hello, sweet potato).

Different meals for every day of the week

EveryPlate meals are what one might consider “comfort meals.” Did someone say sloppy joes, tacos, or mac & cheese? Every menu option takes a playful approach. (You won't be finding any plain chicken breasts and broccoli here.) We can’t ignore the fun sauces, either, like Japanese BBQ glaze on meatloaf and dijon on chicken. The EveryPlate online menu features photos of the dishes that will make you hungry—they certainly don't look or taste like you're dining on a bargain. The company also offers one Premium meal option per week. These special dishes tend to be a bit more upscale and are better suited for those who have an extra 15 minutes on hand for meal prep.

EveryPlate doesn't skimp on portion sizes—that's another one of its perks. Just because the prices are low doesn’t mean you’ll be left with minimal serving sizes. With the various options available on the menu, you’ll be set for the week and not have to worry about eating the same foods over and over.

What makes EveryPlate different from other meal kits?

everyplate meal

We know you're probably sick of hearing it, but EveryPlate’s price is what truly sets it apart from its competitors. The reason EveryPlate meals are cheaper isn't related to the freshness of ingredients. Instead, the lower price comes courtesy of its use of less packaging.

This packaging is also some of the most eco-friendly in the game (round of applause, please!). All your ingredients for the week come in a single cardboard box. That means no extra plastic wrapping or individual—and wasteful—packaging. A bonus: the ice packs that come with the food are also recyclable. All you have to do is break down your box and toss everything into the recycling bin.

Need to change or cancel your order?

Plans change, especially when it comes to last-minute dinners or kids’ after-school activities. EveryPlate steps up when it comes to the flexibility of your subscription. As long as you do so five days in advance, you can cancel or change your weekly order at any time.

If you want to know what future menu options look like, you can see new menus two weeks in advance. If you don't like what's on the menu this week, just hit the "Skip this week" button. If you want to cancel your account in general, just log in and say the word at any moment. Payments occur on an order-by-order basis, so you won't pay again if you discontinue your use.

Here's what we found

everyplate logo

If you're looking to feed the household tasty meals at an incredible price, EveryPlate is a front runner. If you're super healthy, however, it'll probably be a no-go. (EveryPlate meals don't even list calories, which goes to show it's not the service for the calorie-conscious or health-obsessed.) EveryPlate is all about hearty, tasty, and well-balanced meals.

Is EveryPlate worth trying?

All in all, we found that EveryPlate offers flavorful and inexpensive meals, but the company tends to glaze over the details. In addition to leaving off calorie counts for meals, recipes don't specify the temperature you should cook your food. If you're using EveryPlate, you're also going to have to have your basic condiments and utensils on hand. We will say, however, the recipe cards are straightforward, minimal ingredients are used, and cook times are fairly accurate.

EveryPlate is for non-fussy eaters who want their dinner plans sorted without any hassle. It's for those who value tasty meals but aren't looking to spend a fortune. Amateur cooks, those who detest the grocery store, and those pressed for time, we're looking at you. EveryPlate is a great way to get the hang of making tasty dishes according to straightforward recipes, regardless of your reasoning.

Overall, the service is user-friendly, simple, and flexible. Whether you're cooking post-work meals for two or you're a parent feeding hungry kids after school, EveryPlate is reliable. Not to mention that the menu has a constantly changing variety, so you'll never get sick of asking (or hearing) “what's for dinner?” You'll appease all your tastebuds without breaking the bank.

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