Green Chef Review: Everything to Know About the Gluten-Free Meal Kit

There’s food for everyone around the Green Chef table.

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Green Chef is an organic meal delivery service that makes fresh weekly meals as easy as ordering DoorDash, and it’s guaranteed to leave you feeling a whole lot better about your decision. Their mission is right in the name: to help you cook the most green meals in the greenest ways—but in a rainbow of colors. As a certified organic company, Green Chef is doing its part for the earth by partnering with local farmers to provide you with the healthy ingredients your household deserves.

How we tested Green Chef’s meal delivery service

Getting food delivered to your door is one thing, but to get a weeks’ worth of ready-to-cook ingredients that are pre-portioned out and left little waste was a whole new kind of delivery. Green Chef had the box on our doorstep in just a few days and the well-insulated packaging kept things fresh. When it came to making three meals with two servings each, the biggest question we had was, “Is the quality of food and the amount of time to make it worth the overall price?” For us, the answer was an astounding yes.

From pulling the food out of the pre-divided bags to devouring the delicious spread, each meal took less than thirty minutes in total. We got to enjoy the fun, professional feel of chopping and dicing fresh produce that comes with cooking without the hassle of dirtying up every measuring cup and spoon in the cabinet. At first glance, we were concerned about the amount of waste that came with each meal-prep bag since every item was pre-portioned or individually wrapped, but it ended up being less trash in total than a bag of take-out. The flavor that came as a result of such simple preparation was what was most astounding—even meat-eaters raved over the plant-based bowls and tacos we made.

How does Green Chef work?

Green Chef offers weekly meal plans to fit any lifestyle; whether carbs are an absolute staple in your diet or are something you wish you could indulge in but can’t, Green Chef has got you covered. While browsing the menu, choose from meal types such as keto & paleo, balanced living, or plant-powered, and feast your eyes on a menagerie of chef-curated meals that you’ll want to immediately devour.

While Green Chef is a certified organic shop, the company wisely informs shoppers that not every ingredient is considered organic—because some ingredients can never be organic (like sea salt or salmon). However, Green Chef prides itself on the highest of high standards when it comes to the ingredients they use; you can be certain that the food that’s coming prepped and ready to cook right to your doorstep is of the freshest and earth-friendly quality.

How much does a Green Chef subscription box cost?

green chef meal
Green Chef

Green Chef subscription boxes vary based on the number of people eating and how often per week you’d like it delivered. Starting with two people (or two servings), three meals per week costs $13.49 per serving and four meals per week costs $12.99 per serving. (Though if you’re someone who enjoys leftovers and wants to order more for yourself to have meals all week, we and Green Chef will not judge.)

When ordering for four people, two meals per week costs $12.99 per serving, three meals per week costs $12.49 per serving, and four meals per week costs $11.99 per serving. For six people eating, three meals per week costs $11.99 per serving and four meals per week costs $11.99 per serving. (You’ll notice that four people is the only selection that offers two meals per week if that’s something you’re looking for.)

Is Green Chef worth the price?

Deciding whether or not to get delicious, organic meals delivered almost directly to your kitchen counter that are designed to leave you feeling satisfied and satiated is frankly up to the buyer. But understanding what you’re getting (or rather what you get to scratch off your ever-growing to-do list) might help you decide if Green Chef is worth it to you.

When you choose Green Chef, you’re choosing to put your money towards your health and your time towards where it’s best spent that day. No more getting lost in the health food section and no more stressing about picking a meal to cook in the first place. Ordering Green Chef is as easy as choosing something off of a menu—without wondering where that food came from, if it’s really as healthy as the restaurant says, or worrying about the cost involved with eating out. That peace of mind and freedom of time is pretty invaluable.

Does Green Chef offer healthy meals?

green chef meal
Green Chef

Green Chef only offers healthy meals that are crafted to taste as good as they look. With farm-to-table ingredients and meals that give your grandma’s meat and potato recipe a run for its money, Green Chef is here to put the health back in home cooking.

Dietary preference options

Green Chef subscription meal plans cover all the main dietary trends and requirements, including keto and vegan meal plans. There are plenty of low-carb options including keto, paleo, and fast & fit. Veggie lovers will be overwhelmed with so many choices including vegetarian and vegan options. As the first-ever meal delivery service to receive a gluten-free certification, eaters with intolerances or allergies of all types can rest assured knowing that Green Chef will deliver food they love without worrying about cross-contamination.

The team behind Green Chef believes that healthy foods are the best answer to a healthy life, so all the keto dieters, paleo followers, and vegans alike can put down their pitchforks and come together to eat around the Green Chef table. Whether you’re pescatarian, flexitarian, or just kidding yourself, Green Chef has a meal to satisfy almost any dietary request. Plus their menus change weekly, so you’re welcome to mix, match, and switch as you please (or not).

Keto and paleo meals

For protein-driven and carb-conscious meals, the keto and paleo meal plan offers a variety of meats and good fats to get you on the ketosis train. All meals are completely gluten-free and also avoid grains, soy products, and legumes.

Vegan and vegetarian meals

Green Chef makes plant-powered meals the easiest thing to come by, and may even leave vegans overwhelmed with the number of options to choose from each week. These meatless meals are all focused on making veggies the star of the show, including plant proteins and “good-for-you grains”.

Different meals for every day of the week

Green Chef is here to make eating healthy foods easy, and cooking them even easier. Depending on the meal plan you choose, all ingredients arrive pre-chopped and portioned so all you have to do is bake, saute, and get those plates ready.

Not only do the ingredients arrive ready to cook, but they can also arrive whenever it best fits your schedule. Boxes are delivered between 8am and 8pm on your selected delivery date, Monday through Saturday. Delivery times may vary depending on where you live or if it’s going to a commercial building, but meals ship in insulated packaging to keep your food fresh even if you get home late.

What makes Green Chef different from other meal kits?

Facebook/Green Chef

Four things: organic foods, pre-prepped ingredients, easy and quick recipes, and thoughtful packaging. Green Chef is a certified organic meal delivery service as well as certified gluten-free (which you don’t see often). The company could have just left it at that, but Green Chef decided to take it even further and pre-prep ingredients to make healthy cooking as easy—if not easier than—healthy eating. When you select Green Chef, you’re supporting local farms and families whose goal is to give you the best quality foods no matter where you live—unless you live outside the continental US, which is a work in progress!

Need to change or cancel your order?

Green Chef wants to make sure you can try anything and everything on the menu, so changing it up every week is always encouraged. Just be sure to give them a week’s notice to make it happen. Meals can also be skipped from one week to four weeks long so you don’t have to choose between your subscription or that month-long trip to Europe. However, if you’d rather cancel your subscription altogether, Green Chef has step-by-step instructions to get you there; just be sure to cancel five days before your last meal arrives or you’ll be charged and receive one more delivery after that.

Here’s what we found

green chef meal
Facebook/Green Chef

No matter how you define “healthy meals,” rest assured that Green Chef delivers and does well by its name. Organic, pre-prepped ingredients are just the start of what makes Green Chef a great food delivery service. The company takes away the stress of grocery shopping, the guilt of eating out, and the pressure of finding a recipe to make and presents you with a handful of meals per week that taste like they were freshly prepared in your favorite restaurant—easily made in your own kitchen. With meals that can feed up to six hungry humans and dietary-specific options, Green Chef wants to be a family-approved favorite in your home.

Why you should try Green Chef

From our experience, Green Chef meals are fantastic additions to our busy lives. We got to cook three meals in a week without any of the stress that comes from meal planning, shopping, or over-dirtying dishes. Our choice of meals offered a fun variety that never got tiring, and the way they tasted beat every expectation. Adding Green Chef meals into the schedule was so seamless, it was almost like they were always meant to be there. Enjoying restaurant-quality meals from our own dinner table is something that's hard to beat, and Green Chef delivered exactly that.

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