Purple Carrot Review: Everything to Know About the Vegan-Friendly Meal Kit Service

Get the skinny on Purple Carrot's meal delivery service.

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In a nutshell, Purple Carrot focuses on providing healthy and mouth-watering vegan meals on a weekly subscription basis. And while we can’t guarantee you’ll have purple carrots in every meal, we can promise that these meals are delicious and crazy good for your health.

The company’s beliefs stem from breaking down the barrier to living a plant-powered life. Big things come from small beginnings, and the most important part is getting started. Purple Carrot wants to be a big help in kickstarting your plant-based eating journey.

How does Purple Carrot work?

When you get to the Purple Carrot website, you can start off by exploring the upcoming week's vegan meals and get an example of what you could be enjoying—without having to subscribe right away.

Once you get your sneak peek (and if you’ve decided to give the service a try), next up you get to pick what meals you want to have delivered. You’ll have the option of single-serving already-made entrees that are ready to eat in minutes or meal prep kits that take around 30 minutes to cook. Unfortunately, you have to pick one or the other and can’t mix-and-match the two types of meals at this time.

If you go down the meal prep kit route, each shipment comes with all of the ingredients you’ll need and a step-by-step guide on how to cook it. You’ll also get a booklet with all of the week's recipes (even the ones you didn’t choose), so you can pick up the ingredients and try your hand at making other meals if you want to.

purple carrot meal
Facebook/Purple Carrot

If you prefer a quick heat-and-eat option, the prepared meals are a conveniently delicious way to eat healthy with little to no prep work. Just toss the dish in the microwave for two minutes and dig in!

You have a wide variety of choices for both meal kits and pre-made meals, and you can even add breakfast, lunch, and snack options to your meal kit boxes to help keep you on a healthy track throughout the day. Special diet options—like gluten-free, high-protein, under 600 calories, or soy-free—are available for both plans and you’ll be able to quickly see which selections fall under which category while scrolling through the menus.

You also get to choose when your food is delivered to help plan your meals based on your weekly schedule. If you typically work late on Tuesdays or do happy hours on Fridays, you can opt for a different delivery day so you know you’ll be home.

How much does a Purple Carrot subscription box cost?

Purple Carrot offers several different options for subscriptions. They vary by the number of meals and snacks you order weekly, ranging from $71-$120 per week for two- or four-serving meal kits or $9.99-$12.99 per serving (snacks, breakfast, lunch, or dinner) for premade meals. Shipping is always free no matter what plan you choose.

Is Purple Carrot worth the price?

purple carrot meal
Instagram/Purple Carrot

Overall, Purple Carrot is pretty average in terms of cost when compared to other meal kits that serve vegan options, coming in around $72 per week for a two-serving plan or $79.92 per week for a four-serving plan. The single-serving prepared options start at $12.99, making it cost-friendly for you to try out some vegan meals. If you’re new to Purple Carrot, there are promo codes for first-timers to bring the cost down even lower. (Use code PURPLE20 to get $20 off your first order.)

Having your healthy meals delivered can absolutely be worth it if you have limited time (or limited patience) for meal planning. Starting a vegan lifestyle isn’t easy for everyone, but Purple Carrot strives to make it a quick and painless transition—and it’s hard to put a price on that.

What kind of meals does Purple Carrot offer?

Instagram/Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot is an entirely plant-based meal subscription service, offering delicious vegan meal kit recipes like Thai Jungle Curry and General Tso's Tofu, along with prepared dinners such as Cashew Broccoli Stir-Fry or a Fajita Bowl.

In addition to dinner, Purple Carrot also offers some breakfast, lunch, and snack options. The breakfast selections are more limited, but include tempting foods like Lemon Poppy Overnight Oats and Loaded Avocado Toast. The snack offerings are even more impressive with Lemon Meringue Pie, Carrot Cake, or Stuffed Mushrooms—did we mention they’re all vegan? Some of them require preparation but are worth the effort, while others take only minutes. Each recipe and prepared meal gives you an approximate time for how long it’ll take to prep and cook; you can stick to less complicated recipes if you have a busy week coming up, or give one of the more time-consuming recipes a go when you have some extra time at night.

All of Purple Carrot’s non-produce items—protein alternatives like tofu or tempeh, for example—are organic on top of being vegan-friendly. However, the distribution system and overall goal of getting fresh vegetables to subscribers mean the company can't always guarantee organic produce. The company is working towards providing strictly organic products but isn’t quite there yet.

Dietary preference options

purple carrot meal
Instagram/Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot wants to create a vibrant, exciting food experience for all of its users. The menu changes every week to continue to introduce customers to new recipes and keep things fresh. While every meal offered will be vegan, a lot of recipes or prepared dishes are also gluten-free, low calorie, soy-free, or high protein. It’s easy to check the tags on each option while you scroll the menus online. You’ll find that a lot of the recipes even belong in more than one category.

Gluten-free options

It can be difficult for people on a gluten-free diet to find meal plans that meet their dietary requirements and taste preferences, so the company wanted to step up and help.

Some examples of gluten-free entrees that are available in meal kits are:

  • Harissa Roasted Butternut Squash
  • Mushroom Fajita Bowls

Prepared gluten-free meals include:

  • Chana Masala
  • Creamy Turmeric Cauliflower
  • Pineapple Fried Rice

Quick and easy options

Preventing yourself from getting hangry while cooking your meal is simple with some of Purple Carrot’s quick and easy options. Now you can fill that empty stomach sooner with choices like:

  • Grape Leaf Mezze Bowls
  • Sunflower Chickpea Sandwiches

High protein options

Following a high protein diet? Purple Carrot has you covered. Here are just a couple of the enticing choices:

  • Black Bean and Corn Quesadilla
  • Sage Walnut Pesto Penne

Different meals for every day of the week

Purple Carrot rotates the menus weekly with eight meal kit recipes and 12 prepared meal options, so your taste buds are always getting a taste of something new. Not only are the meals excellent, but you also have a wide variety of desserts and snacks to try, too.

Users can order between six and ten meals each week, giving everyone a wide array of choices to keep mealtime exciting while expanding their palate. For meal kits, you’ll have everything you need (except oil, salt, and pepper) all boxed up and ready to go for the week; or you're only two minutes away from vegan heaven with a box of prepared meals. Either way, your meal times are in for an upgrade!

Meal kits

Meal kits provide three or four meals per week in two or four serving portions and you get to choose from eight rotating recipes each week. They can take anywhere from 5-30 minutes to make and come with (almost) everything you need. You’ll have to use your own salt, pepper, and oil to season to your liking. The meal kit plan also comes with breakfast and lunch options for $4.49 or $8.99 respectively.

Prepared meals

Purple Carrot's single-serving premade dinners are full of flavor, nutritionally balanced, and seriously mouth-watering. You get to select six, eight, or ten entrees each week from 12 different options that can be microwaved and ready to eat in just under two minutes.

What makes Purple Carrot different from other meal kits?

Facebook/Purple Carrot

While many claim to be healthy, Purple Carrot is one of just a few meal kit companies that is hyperfocused on serving vegan eaters with both meal kits or prepared meals to choose from. And not only does the company take care of your dinner menu each week, it also has easy-to-make breakfast and lunch options. Have specific plant-based groceries that you’ve been wanting to try? Purple Carrot also has a “Plantry” filled with vegan groceries to stock your pantry with.

Need to change or cancel your order?

Managing your subscription is a breeze. You can pause deliveries for up to ten weeks or you can cancel indefinitely with just a click of a button. Just log in to your Purple Carrot account and go to Account Settings where you can easily change the status of your subscription.

Here's what we found

purple carrot box
Facebook/Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot is a great option for anyone who wants help starting or maintaining a vegan eating plan or someone who simply wants to incorporate more veggies into their diet. The recipe booklets included each week allow you to build up your own collection of worldly, savory vegan-friendly cuisines.

It's refreshing to come home and already know that dinner is taken care of—and that it’s healthy and delicious. Purple Carrot will supply you with the ingredients and the directions needed to quickly and easily create a satisfying meal, or it’ll just supply the prepared meal itself if you don’t want to cook.

It’s clear that the company cares about your health and believes in the power of a plant-based lifestyle. No matter the reason you want to add more vegetables in your life, Purple Carrot works hard to deliver (quite literally).

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