Sunbasket Review: The Lowdown on the Chef-Crafted Meal Delivery Service

Get clean, healthy meals delivered straight to your door.

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Now more than ever, people are conscious of the difference that healthy eating can make in all aspects of your life, and wellness-minded dietary preference shifts are on the rise. Luckily there are a plethora of meal kit delivery services on the market today (many of which cater to those who prioritize healthy habits.) However, not all offer options for almost every kind of eater out there like Sunbasket does. You name your dietary requirements and odds are Sunbasket has something for you week in and week out.

So it’s healthy, but is it appetizing? We can confidently say, that thanks to the organic ingredients Sunbasket meals use, they’re all fresh and delicious. Let’s delve into the rest of the details of the service to see if it’s a good fit for you.

How does Sunbasket work?

Sunbasket gets its ingredients from some of the country's best farmers and fishermen and it strives for each of its meals to be almost entirely organic. The company has strict standards for ingredients—a minimum of 99% USDA-certified organic fresh produce, eggs, milk, and yogurt, and absolutely no preservatives.

The next step is choosing what you wan to eat and when. You can select anywhere from two to four meals a week and choose whether you’re serving food for two or four people. (You don’t have to commit to one decision, though, so if you have guests coming into town and need a little extra, you can make amendments to your selections as you go). Sunbasket offers everything from meals that are heated and on your plate in a matter of minutes to kits with ingredients and recipes that require a bit more elbow grease—perfect for just about every type of night.

How much does Sunbasket cost a week?

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Sunbasket isn’t the cheapest meal kit delivery service out there; still, you can find ways to do it in a more budget-friendly way by forgoing added ingredients and ordering fewer plans per week. The cost per week breaks down as such:

  • Two meals per week: $14 per serving for two people, $11 per serving for four
  • Three meals per week: $12 per serving for two people, $11 per serving for four
  • Four meals per week: $11 per serving for two people, $11 per serving for four

While you can choose from these more classic meal kits, you can also choose from one of the following:

  • Fresh & Ready meals (for one diner): This meal plan is for those pressed for time—all you have to do is heat and eat your meal. These oven-ready meals will be on the table in just four minutes. While these meals are intended to be heated and eaten soon after delivery, they can also be stored in the freezer to eat later. They come in single servings at $9.99 per serving.
  • Pre-prepped meal kits (for two or four diners): If you’re still looking for something quick but are happy to put in a little bit of effort, these are another great alternative to the standard meal kits. The ingredients come chopped and ready, so all you have to do is assemble or cook for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Chef’s Table meal kits (for two or four diners): These are for the sophisticated palates or those who are craving something a little bit fancier. Sunbasket’s chefs prepare these meal kits with specialty ingredients and premium proteins. Did someone say date night?

Is Sunbasket worth the price?

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If you’re conscious of healthy eating and want to opt for a meal service that offers you flexibility every week, Sunbasket can be worth it. Not to mention the fact that the company is committed to an eco-friendly existence—Sunbasket’s packaging is almost entirely recyclable and compostable.

While different eating preferences seem to arise by the day, it can still be hard to source easy-to-make meals that fit your requirements. Sunbasket has something for most diets out there. While it does cost more than some other meal kits, most people with special preferences know it’s a hassle to source easy food that fits your needs (so it might just be worth the price).

Sunbasket also saves you trips to the grocery store. And with the add-on grocery options, dinner isn’t the only meal you can get to your door. From breakfast to dessert and everything in between, Sunbasket lets you set your week’s meals straight in one place.

Does Sunbasket offer healthy meals?

Yes! Offering healthy meals is one of Sunbasket’s primary missions. You can choose what type of meal you want (ready-to-eat, pre-portioned recipes, or a fully DIY meal kit) and if you have a specific diet or lifestyle to follow. There’s truly something for everyone, from the vegetarians to the carb-conscious. We’ve outlined the different categories of healthy meals it offers:

sunbasket meal
  • Lean & Clean meals: These meals are composed of all whole quality ingredients for the calorie-conscious with each containing a maximum of 600 calories per serving.
  • Mediterranean meals: We want to give this meal plan a special shout-out because it’s unique to Sunbasket. This plan features well-balanced meals, including things like whole grains and wild-caught fish.
  • Carb-conscious meals: If you’re watching your carbs, you’ll be happy to hear that Sunbaskbet’s carb-conscious meals contain less than 35g of carbs per serving and 10g of protein. That means you no longer have to count carbs in your head when preparing your meals.
  • Paleo meals: Sunbasket’s paleo meals contain no gluten, sugar, grains, soy, or corn.
  • Gluten-free meals: These meals contain no wheat and feature healthy proteins, oils, and nuts.
  • Diabetes-friendly meals: This is one of Sunbasket’s most unique offerings. Each meal is approved by the American Diabetes Association.
  • Vegetarian meals: These meals contain no meat or seafood but all the fresh produce, eggs, and tofu you can get.
  • Chef’s Choice meals: Leave it to Sunbasket’s chefs and pick this option if you want surprising recipes composed of seasonal ingredients.

Keep in mind you can always swap out ingredients on Sunbasket; each meal is customizable according to your preference. If you’re not super fussy about your diet or ingredients, go for the Chef’s Choice menu (you’ll get a bit of everything).

Dietary Preference Options

Not only is Sunbasket focused on healthy foods but it’s got something for nearly every kind of food intolerance and all the dietary restrictions out there.

Paleo Meals

When you pick the paleo meal plan, you can ensure that each ingredient in your meal will follow accordingly with the protein-based "caveman" diet. One of our favorites is the Green Goddess Salad—kale as a base with steak and carrots on top in a delicious lime-infused dressing.

Keto Meals

Even though paleo and keto dietary preferences may seem pretty similar, there are nuances that Sunbasket has taken into consideration with its meal offerings. The "carb-conscious" meal plan is designated for those on the Keto diet—that’s because its meals contain less than 35g of net carbs per serving. Dishes include all the healthy fats and proteins you can get. (We recommend the Thai Turkey Lettuce Cups. You’ll thank us later.)

Vegan and Vegetarian options

Of course, when it comes to dietary preferences, we’d be remiss not to mention the vegan and vegetarian options that SunBasket offers. The great thing about these options is that even though they’re meat-free, they’re far from boring. Customers love the Tokyo Fried Rice, which is packed with high-quality ingredients like rice, eggs, peppers, and all the right spices. And tofu-loving vegetarians will be pleased to know that Sunbasket uses non-GMO soy.

Gluten-free meals

The number of gluten-free eaters is on the rise. In the US alone in 2021, 30% of eaters declared themselves as being sensitive to gluten. Sunbasket’s gluten-free options include alternative healthy carbs like couscous, plus protein-packed salmon, steak, and homemade gluten-free sauces.

A little disclaimer if you’re a celiac: You may want to double check that Sunbasket recipes are safe for you.

Diabetes-friendly meals

This is another unique meal offering from Sunbasket. Everything deemed as a diabetes-friendly meal on the menu has received approval from the American Diabetes Association. All dishes contain less than 700mg of sodium per serving and no more than 10% calories from added sugar.

Different meals for every day of the week

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Sunbasket offers 15 meals to choose from each week with portions that are big enough to satisfy you but won’t make you feel totally stuffed. Meal kits come in a minimum of two servings, so if you’re feeling hungry, there’s ample food if you’re dining solo.

The simplest Sunbasket recipes are the Fresh & Ready meals which only take a couple of minutes to make since they’re premade. If you enjoy a bit of work in the kitchen but still don’t have much time for prep, plenty of meals only require 15 minutes to be ready to eat. Recipe cards with easy cooking instructions come along with your meals and they’re straightforward enough for the beginners in the kitchen. Though, if you’re looking for something a little more gourmet, there are plenty of meals for those who are more experienced in the kitchen.

You can round out your dinner selections with breakfast and lunch too. Thanks to the grocery add-on items, separate breakfast and lunch options are where Sunbasket really shines. Breakfast options include egg bites and Siggi’s yogurts while gluten-free eaters can opt for choices like gluten-free waffles. Smoothies, oatmeals, and Grab-n-Go bars are also available to add to your weekly meal planning.

When it comes to lunch, you can choose from all sorts of light protein options like smoked salmon and organic pulled chicken, perfect for throwing together a midweek salad. If you’re looking for more lunchtime indulgences, you can choose from menu items like pizzettas or ramen bowls.

When your meals arrive each week is up to you; you can have them delivered any day from Sunday to Thursday. Note that if you live in certain areas, you may be more restricted to particular delivery days so as to ensure the freshness of your ingredients. Sunbasket delivers to almost all zip codes in the US, including 47 states (this excludes Alaska, Hawaii, and Montana.)

What makes Sunbasket different from other meal kits?

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The most notable characteristic that sets Sunbasket apart is the range of dietary options it offers. The company also takes healthy basics like a chicken breast and adds a deluxe flair, so you really feel you’re getting your money’s worth in each bite.

Apart from the nutritional qualities of Sunbasket meal kits perhaps one of its biggest bonuses is the large offering of add-on groceries available. We’re talking pantry essentials like coffee beans and nut butter to fresh salmon and truckles of cheese. With a Sunbasket subscription, your trips to the grocery store will be few and far between (that’s the hope, anyway). You can pretty much cover your whole weekly shop in one fell swoop.

Need to change or cancel your order?

Sunbasket knows that plans may change. Even though the company delivers weekly, you can change, order, or cancel your subscription at any time. You can also skip a delivery and take one or multiple weeks off. If you’re going on vacation but want to stick to your meal regimen, Sunbasket can even deliver your meals to a new address. Just make your changes on your account by the cut-off on Wednesdays the week before delivery.

And if you don’t like your food or something has gone wrong, you can usually get your money back. Just let Sunbasket’s customer service know within seven days and the team will work to resolve it for you.

Here’s what we found

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Eating healthy doesn’t have to be that hard after all; Sunbasket is a testament to that fact with a rotating menu of options that cater to most dietary preferences and restrictions. It’s definitely not the cheapest meal delivery service out there—so for the unfussy eaters looking for more budget-friendly meals it might not be the best bet. Another thing to note is that Sunbasket meals aren’t as gastronomically elevated as some of the other meal kits on offer like Blue Apron. The food is tasty, but it prizes healthy and organic over culinary genius.

The good news is, by using Sunbasket, you’ll probably cut back on takeout and grocery shopping. Meals will be delivered to your door each week along with any of your chosen add-on grocery options. All in all, Sunbasket offers one of the broadest varieties in the meal kit space—from options for those in a rush to others for those with specific dietary needs. If your main concern is meals that are organic and healthy, Sunbasket is a safe bet.

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