Milo's Top-Rated Dutch Ovens Are 20% Off Right Now

A Dutch oven will be one of the most versatile pieces of kitchenware you'll ever own.

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A Dutch oven is a kitchen essential. Full stop. It's often considered the most important item you'll have in your kitchen, and will serve as a culinary centerpiece for you (and your family/dinner guests) for years. And right now (through June 18), you can save 20% off a Milo when you shop through Verishop.

But what can a Dutch oven REALLY do, you ask? For starters, it'll bake bread; braise meats; make perfect soups, stews, and sauces; boil water for whatever you need; fry chicken (that's right); and make award-winning chilis. How, you press on? You see, because of its size and material -- usually cast iron or ceramic -- the Dutch oven works as a phenomenal heat conductor allowing you to cook evenly at low and slow temperatures. And don't cheap out. If you do, you likely find yourself replacing it in a couple of years. Shell out an extra few dollars, and you'll get something you'll have for decades. Case in point: a Milo from Verishop, where you'll find their classic Dutch oven on sale for $108 (usually $135).

Milo's lineup of Dutch ovens are made from enamel and come with a lifetime guarantee. Plus, it's a steal when you compare it to a Le Creuset's model -- a leader in Dutch ovens -- that's $359. The sale ends on June 18, so get yours and get cookin' while supplies last.

Shop the full sale at Verishop.

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