These Super-Comfy, Wrinkle-Proof Pants Are a Must-Have for Any Frequent Traveler

Ministry of Supply
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If we had our way, we'd only wear our most comfortable clothes while traveling (looking at you, Outdoor Voices Cloudknit hoodies and sweatpants). That said, a full athleisure getup isn't really an option for most folks who're traveling on business, particularly when doing so involves heading straight to a meeting from the airport. The secret, we've found, is to invest in a pair of Kinetic Pants from Ministry of Supply for work trips, since they're not only crazy comfy, but dressy enough to wear to formal meetings, and -- most importantly -- are fashioned from a special fabric that renders them wrinkle-proof, even after hours of sitting in a cramped coach seat. 

Ministry of Supply's Kinetic pants (which come in both men's and women's versions) came to life after the tech-obsessed brand's team of designers essentially reimagined business-casual from the ground up by focusing on engineering a high-performance, comfortable, and wrinkle-free piece of apparel. The result is a pair of pants made from sweatproof, wrinkle-free materials which utilize your own body heat to stay smooth while allowing for an unrestricted stretch so that they're both comfortable and flattering on any body type. In short, they're perfect for traveling, and never need to come face to face with an ironing board.

Kinetic Pants feature a hydrophobic exterior that helps evaporate moisture | Ministry of Supply

Specifically, the pants are made from a special warp-knit fabric known as Japanese Primeflex polyester, which Ministry of Supply developed. It gives unrivaled mobility, responds to your movements throughout the day, and always bounces back. That’s because Japanese Primeflex has the breathability and stretch of a knit with the feel and structure of a woven material. Plus, the hydrophilic (aka water-loving) interior pulls moisture away from the skin while it’s hydrophobic exterior evaporates that moisture. The result is a material that stays fresh and dry when you most need it to (sorry not sorry, travel sweat).

Beyond that, unlike traditional dress pants, Kinetics are machine-washable, and the company is so confident that they'll fit you well right out of the box that they'll reimburse you if any tailoring needs to be done.

At $145, they are admittedly a bit pricey, but we firmly believe they're worth it when you consider the convenience they deliver for those of us who prefer to look and feel fresh after a long flight (and can't be bothered to iron). Plus, you can feel a bit better knowing that your money is going to a company that prides itself on sustainability. Ministry of Supply is dedicated to combating waste in the famously wasteful textile industry by reducing and reusing whatever materials they can in all applicable stages of their production process. 

Check out the full lineup of colors and fits and score your own pair of Kinetic Pants at Ministry of Supply

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