This Mirror Makes Working Out Fun. And Now, It's Cheaper Than Ever.

It's kind of like the Magic Mirror in Cinderella...but instead of an evil queen, you'll see a personal trainer ready to get you started on over 50 workouts and thousands of classes.

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Over the past year, you, your friends, and your family have probably—at one point or another—tried to get into shape. Bicycle sales shot through the roof. Running shoes sold out from coast to coast . People bought rollerblades only to sell them on Craigslist two weeks later. Home gyms were built and goals were set. If we're stuck inside, we may as well make the most of it, right? Well, like making sourdough and creating a home office, excitement waned into indifference.

Pull yourself out of the rut with Mirror, a literal mirror that you put in your home which basically acts like the Magic Mirror in Cinderella—but instead of being greeted by an evil queen, you'll be met by gym instructors. It essentially turns whatever room it's in into a small gym class. And right now, Mirror is $350 off when you use the code NEWYEARS21.

Here's all the fun stuff Mirror does: First and foremost, it's an actual mirror (a sleek one at that). So when you're not using it, you don't have to break it down and put it away. When you decide you're ready to workout, just turn Mirror on and select your workout. If you're concerned about the routine getting stale, don't be. Mirror offers over 50 different types of workouts & thousands of classes that range in time from 5–60 minutes. You can also choose your playlist(s) and integrate kettlebells, dumbbells, and resistance bands into selected workouts—which are always led by top-rated, certified instructors.

There's plenty more Mirror can do, which you can find on the site here. Just remember to type in NEWYEARS21 at checkout to save $350 (it retails for $1,495).

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