Impress Mom With These Beautifully Unique Plants and Flowers That Ship Quickly

There’s nothing unoriginal about these gorgeous bouquets and plants, all of which can be shipped fresh to her door.

Nitchakul Sangpetcharakun/Shutterstock
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Flowers? For Mother’s Day? Groundbreaking! Seriously though, they’re one of the most thoughtful gifts to give the mother figures in your life. They’re personal, show affection, and bring so much joy. Whether they’re delivered in person or ordered online, they're certain to be received with open arms and a big smile.

Even though some moms may expect to receive flowers on Mother’s Day, we want to help you find ones that stand out from typical bouquets. We’ve pulled together a selection of plants and unique arrangements that are guaranteed to make mom’s day extra special. Keep scrolling through and be sure to order ASAP!

The Sous Chef
This lush Rosemary plant comes in a stunning ceramic pot and is accompanied by a tarragon-scented candle and a chic cotton tomato-patterned tea towel. It’s an adorable bundle perfect for moms who love to spend their time cooking.
Bear Hug
Giving a hug to your mom might still be a bit tricky this year so it’s worth showing them love and affection in a creative way. This gorgeous flower bundle comes with a small box of Sugarfina champagne gummy bears, which is nearly the same as an IRL hug.
Monstera in Grant
Monsteras thrive very easily, which makes them the gift that keeps on giving! Whether she already has a green thumb or is trying to become a plant lady, this majestic plant is a great start.
Farmer's Choice Orchid
For the mom who keeps a flower garden, this orchid trio will make her jaw drop. From Bouqs’ farmer’s selection, they promise to pick the freshest and most sustainable flowers to deliver directly to your mom’s door.
Desert Fairytale
Cactus plants might not be the coziest gift to send to your mom but they’re undoubtedly charming—especially when they come in a cute pot like this one. This Fairytale cactus loves a sunny spot and very little watering, which makes it super easy to take care of.
Potted Lavender Tree Indoor Plant
Mother’s Day comes at the perfect time of the year when Lavender has just bloomed. This amazing and easy-to-care-for plant will provide your mom’s space with an amazing scent. She’ll thank you every day!
The Neutral Palm Bouquet
If you’re looking to gift her something that can permanently live in her space with zero maintenance required, a dry flower arrangement is the perfect option. It delivers the same personal touch as a flower arrangement, but you can be sure the memory is going to last much longer.
Candy Dreams
This duo of Bird’s Nest Snake succulents comes with candy colored pots that are sure to make any corner of their space an elegant statement. The best part? The plants are very low maintenance.
The Spring Refresh
Like a traditional bouquet, but so much better! This gorgeous purple arrangement features pops of delicate anemones and a sleek charcoal vase, making it both an impressive gift and an amazing table centerpiece.
Hanging Basket Set
If your mom loves gardening, gift her this set that comes stocked with Yellow Begonias, a medium Ecopots Hanging Pot, and a bag of Bloomscape Potting Soil. No matter what corner of her space she chooses to hang it in, the bright yellow flowers will be an everyday mood-lifter.
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