Our Favorite Camping Chair Is Now 25% Off for a Limited Time

The indomitable NEMO Stargaze—one of the best camping chairs ever crafted—is currently on sale for a limited time. Here's how to get yours today.

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The NEMO Stargaze—which is a chair I've written about and will never leave home without on camping trips—is now 25% off as a part of Backcountry's extremely enormous Memorial Day Sale. You can snag one for $165 rather than the average retail price of $220.

What makes this chair so special? For starters, once assembled, it reclines so you can literally gaze upon the cosmos with wild-eyed wonder and awe as your mango White Claw sits comfortably in the side drink pocket. If pondering your own significance becomes a bit too much, you can prop the chair up and kick back by the fire to be coddled by its durable aluminum frame, mesh netting, and padded headrest.

When you're ready to leave, break the chair down in less than a minute and store it in its handy bag until next time. Pending the fear of a vast and infinite universe filled with questions and chaos hasn't left you in an unending quest for meaning.

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