5 Party Boosters to Take Your Outdoor Hangs to the Next Level

Nipyata's booze-filled piñatas are the ultimate party essential, and they're perfect for your next big outdoor gathering.

Courtesy of Nipyata
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As an increasing number of us achieve fully vaxxed status, the promise of getting to reconnect and hang out in person with your nearest and dearest is upon us. And you know what that means? It’s time to throw one heck of a party—even if it’s still outdoors (which, let’s be honest, is still the safest thing to do).  And frankly, we can't think of a better way than with a celebratory piñata filled with booze from Nipyata.

Nipyata, which makes all manner of fun and colorful piñatas filled with plastic nips (otherwise known as those tiny liquor bottles you get on an airplane), is stocked and ready to ship you a piñata of your choice. And while you can (and should) scope out all of Nipyata's festive piñata offerings, here are five you may find particularly alluring at the moment. 

Courtesy of Nipyata

The Margarita-yata!

For the marg fiends among us, this piñata is shaped like—you guessed it—a margarita, complete with a paper mache lime wheel. Inside, you're getting a bunch of candy (Skittles, Starburst, Gummy Lifesavers, etc.) and 15 assorted plastic nips including one apiece of Jose Cuervo Silver and Gold tequila, two JAJA Blanco tequila, Jim Beam whiskey, Deep Eddy vodka, and more.

Courtesy of Nipyata

The JAJA Tequila Bull Nipyata!

Tequila lovers, this one's for you. Inside this adorable boxy bull are a dozen plastic nips of JAJA Blanco Tequila, and assorted candies that will serve you and your group well as chasers. 

Courtesy of Nipyata

The Booze-Infused Gummies Stay Classy Burrito!

If you prefer your booze edible, this piñata is perfect. Inside, it's stocked with 15 booze-infused gummies (each is 5% ABV). And if 15 doesn't seem like enough, you have the option to add up to 45. 

Courtesy of Nipyata

The El Jefe!

This fantastic piñata is shaped like a bottle of premium tequila, and stuffed with 15 plastic nips of name brand booze (Jose Cuervo Silver and Gold, Bacardi, Captain Morgan, etc.) and assorted candy. 

Courtesy of Nipyata

The JAJA Tequila Lime Nipyata!

Another particularly party-appropriate option, this giant paper mache lime wedge comes stuffed with a dozen plastic JAJA Blanco Tequila nips, along with a lovely assortment of candy.

Beyond the booze and candy stuffed inside, each Nipyata order also comes included with other essential like hanging twine, a blindfold, and Nipyata's special "Smashin' Stick" for proper whacking. It's not too late to order one for Cinco de Mayo, either, because shipping takes just three to eight business days (and you can also get yours expedited if need be). And while they do make great gifts, just a heads up that deliveries do require an adult's signature.

And just in case you weren't already excited to get the party started, Nipyata is also currently offering 15% off all purchases for Thrillist readers when you use code THRILLIST15 at checkout.

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