Step Up Your Smoothie Game With 25% Off All Nutribullet Products

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As tempting as it may be to eat our bodyweight in freshly baked bread and delicious casseroles for the foreseeable future, it's growing clearer every day that staying active and maintaining a semblance of normal nutrition is key to coming away from all of this prolonged at-home hanging feeling healthy. And you know what's healthy? Sticking to a steady course of fruit and veggie smoothies. Luckily, you can stock up on lots of smoothie-making essentials for cheap right now thanks to a big site-wide sale at Nutribullet, where everything from one-cup blenders and blender systems to super food and "boost" supplement formula is 25% off when you use code TAKECARE at checkout.

A great blender is one of the most underrated kitchen appliances you can invest in, and for smoothie-making, Nutribullet makes the best. In fact, its line of personal-sized blenders are perfect for concocting a single-serving dose of fruit and veggie goodness (particularly since the container you blend everything in doubles as your drinking glass). And since they're compact, you don't have to worry about it hogging up any precious countertop or cupboard space. 

Besides blenders (including its two full-sized models) and blender accessories, you'll also snag 25% off its lineup of add-in supplements: Essential Greens, Plant-Based Protein, Pure Detox, Satisfying Fat Burn, Ultimate Energy, and Immune Defense. And if you need a little inspiration for what to put in your own blended beverage, the Nutribullet website is stocked with dozens of great recipes. 

Head toe Nutribullet to weightyour options, and use code TAKECARE at checkout to apply the discount.

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