5 Super-Fresh & Sustainable Onda Origins Coffees You Have to Try

The farmer-first coffee company is stocked with exciting and incredibly delicious bean blends from all around the world.

Courtesy of Onda Origins
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When it comes to your morning coffee, it's easy to keep going back to something familiar and reliable, because there's a certain comfort to knowing what to expect. There's something invigorating and exciting, though, about stepping outside your comfort zone. And frankly, what better time to invigorate yourself than in the morning, with a fresh blend of super-fresh coffee beans from some of the most passionate farmers in the world? 

Onda Origins is a direct-to-consumer coffee company that prides itself on not only elevating smaller sustainable coffee farms around the world, but also by returning a significant amount of revenue from every bag of beans it sells directly to the farmers themselves. In fact, for every Onda Origins coffee purchase made—whether through its wonderful bean subscription program or a la carte—it gives back to the farmers a bonus that's twelve times higher than a typical Fair Trade bonus. And while helping promote higher wages and sustainability is certainly reason enough to give Onda Origins' roster of coffees a try, you ought to know a bit more about its diverse selection. Here are some of its most delicious beans you could easily introduce to your daily routine, as well as a bit about the farmers behind each one.

Courtesy of Onda Origins

Enrique / Costa Rica

This Caturra/Typica bean variety comes from Enrique Navarro's family farm in an area southeast of Costa Rica's capital, San José. Navarro's family's farm has earned a number of accolades in the last decade (their coffee is both a Cup of Excellence Champion and a World Barista Champion), and these single-origin beans boast tasting notes of both plum and chocolate.

Courtesy of Onda Origins/Alessandra Brescia

Cocarive / Brazil

Grown by the farmers who make up the Cocarive Cooperative (a group who banded together to invest in top-of-the-line sorting and warehouse facility to enable them to produce higher quality coffee) in Carmo de Minas, this delicious blend features a variety of tasting notes including flan, peach fruit cup, and pecan pie.

Courtesy of Onda Origins

Kisiizi / Uganda

These beans come from the area of Nyakishenyi in Uganda and more specifically the Kisiizi community, which includes many smallholder farmers and cattle breeders. Around 1,600 Kisiizi farmers contributed to its growth, and the resulting blend has tasting notes of white grape juice, bubble gum, and pound cake.

Courtesy of Onda Origins/Alessandra Brescia

Masha / Burundi

From the commune of Gatara in northern Burundi, these beans are the product of the Masha community, which is home to some 3,000 farmers and over one million coffee trees. The blend boasts tasting notes of apple and cranberry and has a silky body. 

Courtesy of Onda Origins/Alessandra Brescia

Ivonne / Guatemala

These delicious beans come from Ivonne Herrera, a single mother who owns and operates her own coffee farm in the area of Santa Elena Barillas in Guatemala. Brew them by your method of choice and you'll notice notes of red apple, almond brittle, and ginger snap.

Looking for yet another reason to give Onda Origins a try? Right now, the company is offering Thrillist readers a free eight-pack of single serve coffees (seriously great for camping), when you use this link to sign up for a new subscription.