These Awesome Travel Bags from Osprey Are 25% Off

The sale includes backpacks, carry-ons, duffel bags, wheeled rollers bags, and more.

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Osprey is known for manufacturing hiking bags of the highest caliper. I should know, I've owned the Atmos AG 50 for over five years. And trust me when I said I've put that bag through the ringer when it comes to wear and weather.

But Osprey makes way more than just hiking packs. Their ample lineup of duffel bags, commuter packs, carry-ons, roller bags, and backpacks are all made with the same eye for detail and craftsmanship -- and right now, you can find a bunch of them on sale for up to 25% off

Some of my favorite deals in this sale right now

  • The Transporter Duffel 65 for $89 (usually $140). This is literally a bag that you can use for hiking, camping, hauling gear, or riding a dual sport through Baja. It does it all. [Get it here]
  • The Porter Carry-On 30 for $78 (usually $120). Here you'll find the perfect carry-on bag "a duffel isn’t enough and backpacking bags are too much." [Get it here]
  • The Transporter Flap Pack for $78 (usually $120). Need a bag that can hold strong in an urban environment as you bike to and from work? This is it. [Get it here]
  • The Transporter Wheeled Carry-On for $156 (usually $240). Made for the efficient traveler who books international flights dangerously close to each other and doesn't have time for to check a bag. [Get it here]
  • The Transporter Wheeled Duffel 120 for $188.50 (usually $290). Going into the jungle to mountaineer for a week and want to make sure your gear is protected from the elements? This is the bag for you. [Get it here]

This is just scratching the surface of what's being offered. Head over to Osprey right now for the full sale, where you'll find deals on even more bags, accessories, apparel, and even a packable solar light for $18.

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