All of OXO's Already-Affordable Kitchen Tools & Utensils Are on Sale Right Now

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For anyone looking to step up their home-cooking game or flex their already-impressive culinary skills, OXO is extending a helping hand. The brand behind some of the most popular kitchen and home tools on the market just kicked off a site-wide sale, and everything is 20% off

From tongs and veggie peelers to cheese graters, ice cream scoops, juicers, food storage containers, and more, OXO specializes in making simple, sturdy, and design-forward utensils and equipment. Odds are you likely own one of their can openers or spatulas and don't even know it. But considering how much more we're all cooking and baking at home these days, you may have realized you're missing some essentials, whether it's mixing bowls, measuring cups, a food processor, baking trays, or whatever else you didn't think you'd need until a few weeks ago. Luckily now's a good time to add to your arsenal. Here's just a taste of what's up for grabs from OXO for 20% off right now when you use code HOME20 at checkout.

  • A six-piece set of essential kitchen tools - [Get it]
  • A Good Grips complete grate and slice set - [Get it]
  • An 8-piece baking and dry goods storage container set - [Get it]
  • A utility cutting board - [Get it]
  • A Good Grips one-stop chop manual food processor - [Get it]
  • A set of stainless steel measuring cups - [Get it]
  • A baking mat and sheet pan set - [Get it]
  • A 10-piece bakeware set - [Get it]
  • A one-pound bread loaf pan (with lid) - [Get it]

Scope out the full selection and use code HOME20 to get the discount at OXO.

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