Skip the Store and Stock Up on Patagonia's Tasty Non-Perishables (Which Are On Sale)

Patagonia Provisions has you covered with everything from soup samplers to smoked mussels.

Two-packs of lemon pepper sockeye salmon are up to 25% off | Patagonia Provisions
Two-packs of lemon pepper sockeye salmon are up to 25% off | Patagonia Provisions
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Most of us have come to know Patagonia for its wildly popular fleeces and vests, or its generally top-notch selection of outdoor gear. Did you know, though, that the retailer also produces its own line of food? 

Patagonia Provisions, an off-shoot the brand launched back in 2012, sells a solidly impressive selection of healthy, ethically sourced, and shelf-stable products -- from delicious jerkys and soups, to nutritious ancient grains and snack bars -- and right now it's running a 25% off sale on select bulk items. Consider this yet another reason (and excuse) to avoid the crowds at grocery stores right now.

For seafood lovers, you can snag packs of wild sockeye salmon in both traditional and lemon pepper varieties and a selection of canned mussels in different flavors like smoked, savory sofrito, and lemon herb. For soup fiends, they've got you covered with organic black bean, garden veggie tsampa, and two kinds of red bean chili. 

Beyond that, there are also some great snack options in the mix including two different kinds of buffalo jerky (spicy and original), three different types of fruit and nut bars, breakfast grains, and packs of dried fruit, which like everything else in the bulk section, are up to 25% off.

Sweetening the deal even more at the moment, Patagonia Provisions is also offering an additional 15% off all orders when you use code EXTRA15 at checkout before the end of the day on April 30.

Scope out the full spread of non-perishables, and cash in on the extra discount using code EXTRA15.

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