Fill up Your Pantry When You Bundle and Save at Patagonia Provisions

Save yourself another trip to the grocery store and stock up on soups, chili, jerky, seafood, and a lot more from the comfort of your couch.

Amy Kumler/Patagonia Provisions
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Admittedly, stocking up a pantry isn't exactly the most thrilling way to spend an afternoon. But, like putting on pants and wearing a mask when going outside, it has to be done. Here to make it easier than ever is Patagonia Provisions—an online grocery store from Patagonia.

The online shop offers pantry-friendly foods like organic berry bars as well as soups, chilis, greens, jerky, drinks, seeds, sample packs, and even delicious bundles of smoked mackerel in olive oil. The packs are perfect for camping and hiking but can also be used as full fledged dinners when even the thought of cooking sends you into exhaustion. The basic deal is this: the more you buy, the more you save. And you can do it all—sans pants—from the comfort of your computer. Here are some of the best items in the shop.

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