Transform Your Home Into a Nursery With 20% off a Huge Selection of House Plants

Having plants around is scientifically proven to relieve stress.

This could be your desk. |
This could be your desk. |
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My affection for plants is no secret -- you can read all about it. And because I find myself talking plants with so many people, I often hear "I'm so bad with plants. I'll kill a cactus." I'd like to tell you that's okay. I've killed a lot of plants unintentionally, whether it was the wrong lighting or temperature in my apartment or just loving them too much I watered them into root rot. So much of tending to plants -- much like life itself -- is figuring it out as you go along. 

I won't tell you that your one plant is purifying the air, because that's just not true. But plants have a ton of benefits beyond looking nice. They help relieve stress and create a relaxing environment (this can be evidenced in offices or even hospitals). They can help alleviate background noises (very necessary if you happen to be sequestered at home, working with others), and they have the innate ability to create a sense of well-being (studies have shown people recover faster around plants -- it's true!). 

Basically, get yourself a new plant. The good news is that is having a 20% off sale on a limited selection of plants right now. The even better news is that if you see a plant that isn't on the sale rack, you can use the code HOUSEPLANT20 to save 20% off your total. 

Here are some of my favorites that require very little attention, but will love you all the same

  • A concrete succulent garden that you should keep in a bright area and only water when it needs it (once every 10 days or when the soil is completely dry). [Buy it here]
  • This snake plant that just needs a sunny spot and watering every two weeks. This is a great addition to a home office. [Buy it here]
  • An aloe plant that requires indirect light and can be clipped to use as a moisturizer for sunburns. It only needs water every 2-4 weeks. [Buy it here]
  • A friendly fiddle fig. This is a great plant for sunny, warm areas of your home. Only water it when the soil is completely dry. [But it here]
  • The ZZ Plant is a perfect plant for bathrooms or areas with little to no natural lighting. I've had one in my bathroom with no natural light and it's thriving. [Buy it here]
  • A hanging English ivy is a great starting point if you're looking to dive into the world of hanging plants. It grows quickly in indirect light and will only need water once a week or so. [Buy it here]
  • The mighty pothos is a super hearty hanging plant that is almost impossible to kill. It will grow quickly and let you know when it needs water (the leaves will start to droop). [Buy it here]

Looking for something a little more advanced? They've got orchids, bonsai trees, herbs, and trees as well.

Go green at and use the code HOUSEPLANT20.

Alex Robinson is a writer and editor who was raised by an amateur botanist in Florida. He's now the proud owner of 10 thriving houseplants.
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