These E-Bikes Make Perfect Gifts for Eco-Conscious Explorers

Rad Power Bikes has products for every type of rider, from city commuters to families looking for a fun time.

Rad Power Bikes
Rad Power Bikes
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In case you hadn’t heard, e-bikes are taking the U.S. by storm—and it’s easy to see why. They are fun to ride, make cycling accessible to more people, and provide an eco-friendly alternative to cars and public transportation. There’s only one problem: How do you decide which product is right for you? E-bikes come in a huge variety of sizes and price points, so jumping into the shopping process blindly can seem a bit daunting. The task gets infinitely harder when trying to find an e-bike as a gift for someone else. To save you a lot of time and headaches, we suggest you cut out the noise and head straight to Rad Power Bikes.

Launched in 2015, Rad Power Bikes is a Seattle-based company dedicated to bringing electronic bikes to the masses. Founder Mike Radenbaugh first became obsessed with e-bikes as a teenager, when he built one of his own to help with his 16-mile high school commute. He then decided to share his discovery with the world, partnering with his college roommate, Ty Collins, to manufacture bikes and sell them directly to consumers. The company is all about great customer service, as well as creating a world in which transportation is energy-efficient and enjoyable.

The RadRover Electric Fat Bike was the company’s first manufactured model, and it pretty much sums up the great qualities of Rad Power Bikes—namely comfort and efficiency. The 4-inch tires and soft seats make for a smoother ride, while the high-capacity battery lets you ride for 20-50 miles per charge. The RadRover is now in its sixth generation, and features LED headlights, a USB charging port, and an LCD display panel that keeps track of speed, power consumption, and remaining battery capacity. The best part? The Rad Rover 5 is currently on sale for just $1,599, which is a bargain compared to similar bikes on the market.

Rad Power Bikes

RPB offers variations of the RadRover to fit different environments and needs. The RadCity, for example, has reflective tires and rear brake lights specifically designed for riding through crowded urban areas. Meanwhile, the RadRunner utility bike has a total of 330 accessory combinations so you can ride with a partner on the back seat, attach a carseat for your kids, or haul some groceries in the front basket or rear rack. The company really does want to make e-biking accessible for everyone, so if you can think of something you need, they can build it—at price points no higher than $1,999.99.

After you decide which bike you want, the product will be shipped to you free of cost with a 14-day free trial and one-year warranty. The bikes come mostly assembled in the box, but some do require a little extra work to put together. In those cases, you can opt for Rad Power’s assembly service, where an employee will build your bike and deliver it to your door. Be sure to also check out the brand’s extensive line of bike accessories, ranging from mirrors and phone mounts to helmets and pet carriers.

If you are looking to get more eco-conscious in 2022—or know someone who does—Rad Power Bikes is definitely the place for you. Once you log just a few miles on your new e-bike, we have a feeling you’ll be hooked for good.