Move Over, Tequila. Plant-Based Wellness Shots Are What We’re Shooting Now.

No chaser necessary.

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It’s been a really weird year (still is!). And when a year is as mercilessly weird as this one, our bodies and minds react in very unique and often unpredictable ways. Some of us took up running (why?) and created home gyms while others found comfort in monthly wine subscription services and sampling every single takeout option in a five-mile radius.

However, with winter looming large on the horizon, it's important we shift focus to our immune systems, making sure we're getting enough sleep, taking care of our gut bacteria, and taking time for the occasional detox. Enter: Raw Generation. A, well, raw, plant-based company specializing in wellness shots, cold-pressed juices, and shakes.

Everything that's made on-site is flash frozen immediately to ensure peak nutritional benefits, and then thawed by you when you're ready to consume. And right now, as a special offer for Thrillist readers (you!), you can save 15% off your first order when you punch in the promo code "THRILLIST15"— which is valid until December 4th.

Raw Generation’s most recent offering comes in the form of seven wellness shots that target your specific needs (immunity, sleep, energy, digestion, detox, beauty, and vitamin C). Each one comes in a pack of 20 (save for immunity which you can get in a 50-pack or 90-pack). They're safe to take daily as they're made from all natural ingredients and super simple to consume (they’re shots, after all).

So get over to Raw Generation, save 15% off your order with THRILLIST15, and start rippin' shots that'll make you feel healthy...not hungover.

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