Feel Like Learning Spanish? Rosetta Stone's Software Is Half Off.

There's no time like lockdown to tackle another language.

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As we're all quickly realizing from the comfort of our couches, adjusting to an extended staycation at home requires coming up with a lot of fresh, productive, and fun ways to spend your time. It's an opportunity to try out new hobbies and regimens, like indoor gardening or restorative self-care routines. But, it's also your chance to take on some more more ambitious self-improvement projects, like learning a new language. In fact, now's a great time to dive head-first into doing just that, thanks to this crazy-good deal on a lifetime license for Rosetta Stone's Spanish language learning software.

Although picking up a new language is a ton of work, especially when you're unable to immerse yourself in a place that natively speaks it, Rosetta Stone has developed a suite of software programs that are designed to be virtually immersive so that you learn by "seeing, hearing, speaking, reading, and writing just like you do in the real world." And in case you're questioning how effectively RS's software works, it's worth noting that some of its biggest corporate customers include both NASA and the U.S. State Department. 

Rosetta Stone

The deal applies to its Spanish program, which means you'll get lifetime access to the bundle -- designed specifically for the Latin American vernacular -- for $160, or $140 cheaper than its typical price. Since RS syncs with all your devices, you'll be able to keep up on your lessons from wherever you want. Plus, you'll be able to make sure your pronunciation is on-point thanks to the company's special TruAccent feature, which compares your voice with millions of native speakers (over 100 times per second).

The program is self-paced, so there's no guarantee that you'll get a full grasp on the language in a set timeframe. However, it's estimated that completing all levels (one through five) of the program takes roughly 200 hours in total. That's not to say you'll be fluent after that, but it should leave you with a good handle on the basics of conversation. If anything, it'll give you a nice primer before jetting off to truly immerse yourself for a bit once traveling returns to normal.

Grab Rosetta Stone's lifetime license to its Spanish (Latin America) software on Amazon.

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