Holidays and/or Everything Stressing You Out? Save 50% on CBD With Our Special Code.

For a limited time, use our super special code to save 50% off a bunch of great CBD from Cornbread Hemp.

Cornbread Hemp
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I won't waste your time or mine by saying what a long, stressful year this has been. Instead, allow me to tell you about this wildly awesome deal from Cornbread Hemp, a premium CBD purveyor of CBD oils, pet products, lotions, capsules, and more. 

For a limited time, you can get 50% off all products (excluding sale items) with code THRILL50 at checkout and free UPS shipping for orders over $49. If Cornbread Hemp sounds familiar to you, it should. We've written about them before and sang their praises here. Also, if you'd like to know about CBD and its myriad benefits, we've got you covered here.

I've been using the 1,500mg oil for months now and I'm a big fan. I usually take it after work and have definitely noticed the benefits. I'm more relaxed, less tense, and sleep better. I also started watching Rick And Morty—but I have no idea if that's from CBD use or my need for entertainment in a seemingly endless isolation.

Anywho! Head on over to Cornbread Hemp, grab some oils, capsules, and lotions, punch in THRILL50 at checkout, and then tweet at me which Rick and Morty episodes are the best.

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