The Internet’s Favorite Portable Fire Pit Is Finally Back in Stock (and on Sale)

Solo Stove's Bonfire backyard fire pit has been on backorder due to high demand, but it's finally back in stock and currently 25% off.

Solo Stove
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If you've had the impulse to invest in a backyard fire pit in recent months, you're certainly not alone. Much like toilet paper, bidets, and booze, the market for fire pits has boomed during COVID. So much so, that Solo Stove—the brand behind some of our favorite low-smoke backyard fire pits—has had a hard time keeping them in stock during the colder months. But 2021 comes bearing at least a little good news. Solo Stove's best-selling backyard fire pit, the Bonfire, is finally back in stock. Even better? It's currently on sale.

The Bonfire (which is currently down to $260 from its original price of $350) is indeed Solo's best-selling portable backyard fire pit, and for good reason. The low-profile setup (it weighs just 20 pounds and is a modest 20 inches tall) is equipped with the brand's signature 360-degree Airflow Design, which allows it to burn super efficiently for hours. Plus, thanks to its double walled construction and strategically placed holes at the bottom, it also produces minimal smoke, making it perfect if you have limited space, neighbors close by, or simply aren't a big fan of your clothes reeking of a campfire.

You also don't need to worry about buying any special fuel, as the Bonfire is designed specifically to burn good ol' dry wood logs (protip: hardwoods like birch, maple, hickory, and oak are best, since they'll burn longer).

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