The Sonos Roam Could be the Best New Portable Speaker of 2021

10 hours of playtime, waterproof, wireless charging, crystal clear sound, and only $169

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Sonos—a brand synonymous with top-notch home entertainment—has released its most versatile speaker to date: the Sonos Roam. It's Sonos' first foray into the portable Bluetooth market, and perhaps its most ambitious. 

The Sonos Roam is coming out of the gate with a price tag of $169, which may seem steep but is a relatively conventional price for a high-quality portable speaker (for instance, JBL's Charge 4 is $180). The Roam is also able to sync with other Sonos speakers over your WiFi network, allowing you to create a group of speakers around your home, or sync with another Roam for stereo sound—a major selling point for audiophiles already invested in Sonos. 

As for the other specs, let's quickly run through them:

  • It'll connect to WiFi, Bluetooth, and Apple AirPlay 2
  • Has built-in voice control that works with Amazon Alexa as well as Google Assistant
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery that'll give you 10 hours of playtime. Charging can be done wirelessly with any Qi-certified charger or directly with a USB-C cord
  • It's waterproof, so long as you don't hurl it off a boat and wait hours to retrieve it
  • It weighs less than 1lb and stands just shy of 7" tall (read: lightweight & compact) 

Although the Roam hasn't been released yet—it's available for pre-order with an April 20th delivery—we firmly believe this small speaker will punch well above its weight. Sonos has staked its reputation on creating high-quality speakers & audio systems, so there's absolutely no reason to think it'd started slacking now.

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